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large body of water stream during dawn
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Everyone loves a little “enlightenment” with their blogs, right?

This issue today starts a new idea I would like to try, and that is a way that these photographers out there in the world get some kind of notoriety with their photos. And in fact, you too could enter your photos here if you want to just display them to thousands of people. There is no pay for putting your photos on this blog site, cause I don’t get paid anything to do this. But I know there are hundreds of people out there who would love to show the world that their photos are good enough to be published on a great website.

If you would like to submit photos to be on display on this blog site, send your photos to: . Send about 8 to 10 photos to that email address, and please give us some information about your life as a photographer, and what equipment you own, and anything you want about your submitted photos. We will then take a look at them and possibly give you a spot in our gallery section.

First, let’s look at some information to help you become a better photographer today:

trees on forest at daytime
Photo by zhang kaiyv on

How do you tell if it’s going to be a good day to photography some winning photos?

I think every photographer has this in his or her blood. I have an itch to go take pictures, where do I go, and are the conditions right, and is there anything going on in the city I should go take my camera to take pictures?

When you have the itch to go take pictures, you still have to think of the following, in order to get good photos:

  • Is this a good time of day to go?
  • Is the lighting right for where I want to go?
  • Will there be people I could include in my photo shoot?
  • How are the shadows going to look?
  • Should I wait for later in the day?
  • What new equipment should I try out more?
  • Will I need a tripod?
  • Will I run into bad weather? And is that good if I do?

And I’m sure there are many other questions to add to this. But when I get the itch I tend to find some rural place, and it hasn’t made a lot of difference what the conditions are, I can usually get some good pictures.

Photo taken of some leaves covered in ice. I would not have found these if I hadn’t taken the time in the cold to go find something like this.

Look for the unusual:

I love taking pictures. I wish every time I go out, I will find something unique and artistic. But you never know. Sometimes when I think it’s a real lousy time to go out, I will also realize that most photographers will feel the same way and miss a great opportunity.

Also, as you go out to take pictures on any given day, you really have to look. Look up, look down, look in the trees, just look in different places as you go out. I don’t normally recommend going in to the city to find something beautiful, but in your own back yard you may have something.

I captured this photo walking around town, with the flag waving in the wind between some blossoms.

The worst time of the day for photography:

You know what generally makes a great photo, whether you have scenery or taking pictures of people, is shadows! The contrast that you get with shadows is just not there at high noon. Depending on the time of year, I like to get out about 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. Often, the closer you get to the sun setting the more “orange” your colors will be because the sun is going into sunset slowly.

There is not a lot of shadows in this picture, but what shadows there are, it definitely added to contrast, and colors, and composition to this photo.

Do you have new equipment to try out?

When you get a new lens, or a new tripod, you should go out on any day just to try it out. Even when your pictures don’t turn out the way you had hoped, at least you are learning how your equipment works. But if you want to do it anyway, then go at the right time of the day.

trees and grass field under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by Tahir Shaw on
selective focus photographed of green mountain
Photo by Archie Binamira on
close up of cat
Photo by Henda Watani on
Photo by Polina Shirokova on Unsplash


Street photography Photo by Yana Marudova on Unsplash
Photo by martin bennie on Unsplash
Fog in the park at night…. Photo by Lanny Cottrell photography
toddle wearing gray button collared shirt with curly hair
Photo by Bess Hamiti on
body of water and green mountains
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on
Photo by Mike Gilling on Unsplash

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