three woman wearing traditional dresses walking on street

PHOTO GALLERY: Images of Street Life – By photographers

entrance in restaurant with decorations
Photo by Rachel Claire on


Street Photographers are unique, because they can see images we don’t see. Sometimes when I walk down a street, I don’t find it pretty, I don’t find it that photogenic, but there is a whole different life on the street. And the other interesting thing about street photography is that most people don’t even have a camera when they go down the street. Whether they are trying to be safe or what, not really sure. But, this gallery today of street photography should help us to see what kind of art there is on the street. Here we go:

empty street photo
Photo by Lina Kivaka on

The question to ask when you see a street photo, like the one above, is what is there I would normally miss, and seems unique? Notice that every individual building is different. Different color, different style, and different design. Now notice how well this photo has some great composition tools in it: Leading lines, photo divided into thirds, and more. How well do you know your composition rules? Want to study up? 123Photogo had a blog on street photography. Here is the link so you can study up:

man in brown jacket sitting on chair in front of fruit stand
Photo by Olena Bohovyk on

Did you look at that closely? This street photo has a very unique café, one that has been around since 1920, and the people eat on the street? Amazing!

people standing near highway near vehicles
Photo by jimmy teoh on

Street photography really is fun if you are good at night photography. Try it, most people will think that you can’t do it because it’s too dark. Wait till they see that photo in a book, or in the newspaper the next day.

allen iverson of sixers graffiti wall
Photo by Cátia Matos on

Some streets have their own artistry. Amazing drawings, pictures etc. And this is something that may not be there in a year.

baby wearing yellow t shirt on woman s arm in crowd
Photo by ilham izzul on

When you are in a crowd on the street, you may see and capture that one person that stands out. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready.

city buildings during night time
Photo by Efrain Alonso on

Night photography on the street is fun. You capture the excitement of the lights. What makes it even better? It is taking night photos in the rain storm. This is just a great photo.

Sometimes it’s just the people that you need to photograph. They dress for the day in strange clothing some days, others just want to go to the street to be romantic. This is the time to capture the “moment”.

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four traffic lights under the rain
Photo by Blue Ox Studio on

Looking for details like the above photo is a gift. Practice looking around at things and see why it is an extraordinary photo.

people walking near road beside buildings during night time
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

You would be surprised at how many different colors are used in “signs”. Look for ideas of how you can capture the many different colors on the street. It makes it much more interesting.

Look for the interesting things people do. Notice how interesting every photo done with people in it have something unique they are doing, or it’s just a unique photo!
bike packed with flowers
Photo by Emile on Unsplash
black and white photo of man with umbrella
Photo by João Cabral on

Do you like this photo in black and white? Here is another place to go to see amazing black and white photos, in a professional gallery:

Photo by Manson Yim on Unsplash

Sometimes mass confusion is somewhat worth a laugh as well.

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