assorted color kittens

PHOTO GALLERY: Winning images of PETS!

white short coated dog
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Pets are some of the most photographed animals in the world. Some people know how to take good pictures of their pets, while others are just ____ Boring? Is that the best word? Probably. So, hopefully with this gallery you will see how to take good pictures of your pets, and get some photos to be proud of .

assorted color kittens
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Kittens are just too cute! If you have the chance, get down to their level instead of taking photos of the top of their heads. It is a photo that is lasting!

green parrot on person s hand
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Birds stand vertically. So make sure you take your photo of your bird vertically if it is standing like the above picture.

close up of cat
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photo of person holding black and white dog
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Taking photos of you with your pet is the most valuable photo you will own.

woman carrying dog while standing in the middle of the forest
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short coated black and brown puppy in white and red polka dot ceramic mug on green field
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Photos of puppies in their real infant stage can be so precious. Use props to give them an idea of how small they are.

portrait of happy young woman with puppy
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Ahhh, the family portrait! And why not? They will seem a part of the family.

portrait of a dog
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man on white horse next to dog on grassy field
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a puppy staring at a ball
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A photo taken with the pet’s favorite toy is something you will always remember. Note how the photographer got down to their level.

girl hugging adult chow chow sitting on grass field
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on
white and brown rabbit on green grass field
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I’ll bet this bunny’s name is ”Clover”.

woman in blue dress standing beside brown horse
Photo by jasmin chew on
black dog beside little girl
Photo by bin Ziegler on
pembroke welsh corgi lying on the sand under white cloud blue sky
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dog pet cute
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yellow and blue fish in water
Photo by Egor Kamelev on

Yes, even fish are pets!

cute animals easter chicken
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