PHOTO GALLERY: Storm photos! Who does that?

lightning and gray clouds
Photo by Andre Furtado on

It is interesting that every part of the world has different problems or different types of storms. Some areas have huge hurricane problems and have to learn to live with that. Some have tornados that wipe out a small portion of neighborhoods. Some have strong winds, flooding problems, or just crazy wet storms. If you were brave enough to go out in to some of these storms, what would you capture on memory? It is amazing to see the results, and we have a collection of photos to check out:

lightning and tornado hitting village
Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht on (This may be photoshopped, but it is a great looking tornado)
eye of the storm image from outer space
Photo by Pixabay on

I think everyone is in awe of the photos taken by NASA showing these hurricanes from space. Now you can see why they are so scary, and hearts go out to those who have to live with these.

person riding a bicycle during rainy day
Photo by Genaro Servín on

There are varying definitions for blizzards, both over time and by location. In general, a blizzard is accompanied by gale-force winds, heavy snow (accumulating at a rate of at least 5 centimeters (2 in) per hour), and very cold conditions (below approximately −10 degrees Celsius or 14 F). Lately, the temperature criterion has fallen out of the definition across the United States.

a snow covered tree during a blizzard
Photo by michael Bayazidi on
photo of white vehicle crossing a tunnel
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

A type of storm that precipitates round chunks of ice. Hailstorms usually occur during regular thunderstorms. While most of the hail that precipitates from the clouds is fairly small and virtually harmless, there are occasional occurrences of hail greater than 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter that can cause much damage and injuries.

Images courtesy of Google photos

Can you imagine getting hit by one of these big hailstones? Not too nice.


A heavy fall of snow accumulating at a rate of more than 5 centimeters (2 in) per hour that lasts several hours. Snow storms, especially ones with a high liquid equivalent and breezy conditions, can down tree limbs, cut off power connections and paralyze travel over large regions.

person standing in front of a train
Photo by Josh Hild on
man on ski board on snow field
Photo by Paweł Fijałkowski on

Of course, after the snow, those who love the cold, dress warm, go up in to the mountains to their favorite ski slopes, and have the most fun from snow storms.


A thunderstorm is a type of storm that generates both lightning and thunder. It is normally accompanied by heavy precipitation. Thunderstorms occur throughout the world, with the highest frequency in tropical rainforest regions where there are conditions of high humidity and temperature along with atmospheric instability. These storms occur when high levels of condensation form in a volume of unstable air that generates deep, rapid, upward motion in the atmosphere. The heat energy creates powerful rising air currents that swirl upwards to the tropopause. Cool descending air currents produce strong downdraughts below the storm. After the storm has spent its energy, the rising currents die away and downdraughts break up the cloud. Individual storm clouds can measure 2–10 km across.

city lit up at night
Photo by Pixabay on
lightning strike on the sky
Photo by Сергей Леденёв on
brown and beige wooden barn surrounded with brown grasses under thunderclouds
Photo by Pixabay on

 A tornado is a violent, destructive whirlwind storm occurring on land. Usually its appearance is that of a dark, funnel-shaped cloud. Often tornadoes are preceded by or associated with thunderstorms and a wall cloud. They are often called the most destructive of storms, and while they form all over the planet, the interior of the United States is the most prone area, especially throughout Tornado Alley.

village houses with damaged roofs and uprooted trees
Photo by Kelly on – Damage done by a tornado. Some places are destroyed, while the neighbor may stay fine.
Photo by Espen Bierud on Unsplash

Storms are a part of our lives. Some are very scary while other storms will bring you to a rest:

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

The gentle sound of a rainstorm is known for being relaxing and a great way to unwind.

The other question (as per our title) Who would go out and take pictures of storms? Well apparantly not too many because this was my biggest challenge to find photos for this subject. Thanks to all the photographers who braved the weather and got us some amazing photos of weather storms.

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