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PHOTO GALLERY: Lakes and streams:

timelapse photography of falls near trees
Photo by Fabian Reitmeier on

Lakes and streams is one subject in photography that usually involves amazing photos. When you go hiking in the mountains, you see a beautiful stream, and you just have to stop and take a picture. Now if you already know your rules of composition, then the photo becomes professional looking.

Enjoy this collection of lakes and streams, and see if you just gives you the urge to go for a hike.

landscape photography of grass near body of water
Photo by Alex Gállego on
stream in mountains
Photo by Thành Peter on
scenic view of mountain
Photo by Philip Ackermann on

“I came where the river Ran over stones; My ears knew An early joy. And all the waters Of all the streams Sang in my veins That summer day.”

Theodore Roethke
scenic photo of lake during dawn
Photo by Michael Block on
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

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silhouette of forest with birds flying above body of water during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography.
rocks in river
Photo by Damir on
waterfalls surrounded by trees
Photo by Arnie Chou on
agriculture countryside cropland farm
Photo by Pixabay on

“Rivers flow not past, but through us; tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell and fiber in our bodies, making them sing and glide.”

John Muir
blue and orange sunset over lake with tree silhouettes
Photo by Dakota Gillette on
woman standing by a bench and looking out on the landscape
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on
scenic view of waterfall
Photo by Pixabay on
empty gray canoe boat near shore during golden hour
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

“If the lake sees the ocean, it will want big waves! If the ocean sees the lake, it will want calm days that lasts for years!”

Mehmet Murat ildan
aerial view of mountain and body of water
Photo by SplitShire on

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