PHOTO GALLERY: The beautiful State of MAINE, USA

Maine is one of the “New England” states. And after England looked at this state, they probably wanted to keep it in their country. Maine is beautiful and is know for it’s “White Pines”, and thus it’s known as the “PINE TREE STATE”. There are a lot of states that have pine trees, but Maine took that title early. Here are some amazing photos and tidbits about Maine:

Maine became the 23rd US state in 1820

Maine was one of the first areas settled by British colonists but was sparsely populated and used for logging enterprises by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. By 1819, the population had increased enough to vote on statehood, and it officially entered the Union on March 15, 1820.

lighthouse under a starry sky
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aerial photography of a boat on a waterway in the middle of forest
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photo of city skyline during dusk
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It has the highest moose population among the lower 48 states

The vast, undeveloped forests and cold winters in Maine create ideal conditions for their estimated 60,000-70,000 moose. This gives them the highest moose population in the lower 48 states. Only Alaska has more, with as many as 200,000 roaming the wild.

black deer lying on plants near green trees during daytime
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plenty of orange lobsters
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seafood on bowl
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seaside with rocks
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Some of the most beautiful photos you ever see published of coastlines will probably be of Maine’s coastline.

clouds reflecting in front of a lakeshore jetty at dusk
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seascape with a rocky seashore
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green hill near body of water
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The coastline of Maine is either 228 miles long or 3,478 miles long

The length of the Maine coastline varies drastically depending on how you measure it. The general coastline covers about 228 miles, but when all of its inlets and more than 4,000 islands are accounted for, this number explodes to nearly 3,500 miles. By this measure, Maine has a longer coastline than California.

the stunning fredvang bridges in lofoten islands norway
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mountains near body of water
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main street in montepulciano tuscany italy
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scenic view of lake in forest
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snow covered pine trees
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tall forest trees
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photo of forest flooring
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ship sailing against london bridge
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In the contiguous United States, though, the easternmost point is at West Quoddy Head, Maine. This makes Maine the closest US state to Africa and the first place the sun rises in the country each morning.

drone shot of an island with scenic mountains
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northern landscape of polar lights in winter
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Acadia National Park is the oldest national park in the eastern US

The mountainous coastal region called Acadia National Park was established in 1919 and was called Lafayette National Park until 1929.

bass harbor head lighthouse at sunset
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light dawn landscape sunset
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Baxter State Park marks the end of the Appalachian Trail

The entrance to Baxter State Park marks the northern end of the Appalachian Trail (AT), a 2,200-mile hiking path that extends south to Georgia. Though technically not part of the trail, many AT through-hikers finish their trek by climbing Baxter’s Mount Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak.

Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash
Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash
Photo by Kristel Hayes on Unsplash

There are 65 lighthouse stations in Maine

Maine’s rocky coastal topography extends beneath the Atlantic Ocean, making it a historically hazardous area for ships. For this reason, Maine has 65 lighthouses dotting its shoreline, with many open to the public and doubling as museums or works of art.

spring point ledge lighthouse in south portland maine
Photo by Miranda Lattimore on
beach during golden hour

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a man standing on the cliff overlooking a beautiful scenery of islands
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