PHOTO GALLERY: VIRGINIA – The Gem of the East coast.

Image by David Frampton from Pixabay – A beautiful autumn picture of Virginia.

Viginia is one of the first 13 states of the United States, and it looks to me like they wanted Virginia to be a state because it has such beauty.

So this Photo Gallery will give you a taste of Virginia, and hope you will see why people love the beauty of this state.

One thing I find that is unique about Virginia is their state Motto ( I don’t know if that’s their orginal motto or not, but it fits this state very well) . And that is: Virginia is for lovers!

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As the home of the first English settlement in the New World, Virginia has an extensive history with countless contributions to America’s political, cultural, and culinary foundations. Virginia originally encompassed all of the lands in the New World, eight U.S. Presidents called Virginia “home”, and the first official Thanksgiving was held in Virginia.

Image by David Frampton from Pixabay
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Virginia has been on the forefront of eco-friendly travel for decades, influencing the movement hugely with the establishment of Earth Day, which happened at Northern Virginia’s Airlie Resort. But Virginia is “green” in more ways than one; the Virginia Department of Forestry reports that 62 percent of the Commonwealth is forested. Explore these pristine woods with a hike on a scenic trail or a cycling adventure in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
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Because of Virginia’s natural forest, the autumn time there has made this state famous for their beautiful autumn foliage.

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If you’ve visited Virginia, you’ll know that the range of accents can vary widely from the Virginia Beach coastal region to the remote mountain towns of Southwest Virginia. However, Tangier Island, located in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, has a distinct English dialect not found anywhere else in the world. Tangier Island was originally settled by early British Colonists in the 1680s, and most of the current residents are their descendants, speaking in a very peculiar and unique dialect due to the tiny island’s isolation. Their accent sounds closer to the British accent than the American accent, with phrases and speech patterns that can be traced back to early colonial English.

Take a ferry out to the remote island to hear this unique dialect in person, and sample some Tangier Island Oysters to get a taste of the region’s merroir (the flavor infused into the oysters due to the water in the region). While on the island, tour the Tangier History Museum for a thorough dive into the community’s one-of-a-kind history. 

Image by Richard Alexander from Pixabay
Image by David Frampton from Pixabay

Because of the Chesapeake Bay’s diverse ecosystem, Virginia is the largest seafood producer on the East Coast and the third largest in the country. A large part of that industry is Virginia oysters, with eight distinct oyster regions in the Chesapeake Bay. 

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For centuries, Virginia was known for its lucrative tobacco industry, but the original settlers actually planned for the land to be a silk colony. After a fungus killed the trees that the silkworms fed on, they decided to plant tobacco instead. 

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Almost half of all Civil War battles were fought on Virginia soil. Today, visitors can learn about these pivotal moments in American history with a visit to one of Virginia’s Civil War National Battlefields or historic sites.

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