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Creating photos that are “eye catching” is not so easy. But I have some ideas that I see in trends that will help you with your photography. Let’s look at these ideas:


Changing the perspective in your photos will be one of the keys to better photography. And there are several ideas of how to change perspective:

1- Take a photo of something that would not be expected. Check this photo of this photographer who was getting different perspectives of Los Angeles:

Photo by Jayy Torres on Unsplash

This is not some depiction of Los Angeles that most people don’t expect. It just brings out a different perspective that you don’t normally see.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Another form of perspective is to capture things you see every day, but take the photo from a different angle. In the photo above, capturing this pedestrian crossing brings out some keen interest in the photo.

Photo by Olivier Chatel on Unsplash

We have all seen a photo of train tracks, but, have you seen a photo of train tracks in the winter? This is something that people will love because it takes something ordinary, and make it just slightly different.

Use Reflections:

Using reflections is an excellent way of creating simple but eye-catching effects in photography. There are many reflective surfaces that can create interesting and creative images — from still, quiet reflections on a lake to the polished chrome of a motor vehicle. Reflections offer a simple way of making visually interesting photographs.

Photo by Kikki Starr on Unsplash

When you see a photo that displays a great reflection, have you ever thought: “I know that you had to be there at the right time to get that”. This is what makes a great photographer, because they know when and where they could capture a great reflection.

Photo by Tomas Sobek on Unsplash

Sometime, when you are around water, just look for those reflections to get a different perspective on things. This just adds to your photo expertise.


One of the most common problems with photography has always been camera shake. Due to low light conditions and a slow shutter speed, the image produced is blurred. The distortion caused often completely ruins the photograph, but it is possible to use the slower shutter speed to capture an image that is deliberately blurred to create the effect of movement. This is most commonly seen in photographs of waterfalls, where the slower shutter speed gives the illusion of flowing water as opposed to freezing the movement.

Photo by Thiago Sanchez on Unsplash

Waterfalls is the first thing that comes to mind, that once you know the techniques to get a photo like this, you will have truly created the masterpiece you want. This is “eye catching”.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

Capturing the car lights as they drive by, is another great way to “Imply motion”. Look for ways to capture this type of motion. It is also very “eye catching”.


Photo by Splitshire / Pixabay

Using filters to make your photos look better, or using filters to create something unbelievable should be in every photographer’s bag. Filters, that simply screw on to the front of your lens, is the easiest way to alter the image, or even improve the image. Many photographers are finding that they do not need to do post process.

Here is some links that teach about different filters: ,


These ideas are basic and easy to learn. You just have to try them, and recognize the places that can let you be creative. Try it, and if you would like to share those with us, try this as well:

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