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Learn how to photograph in the “BLUE HOUR”

Also known as twilight, Blue Hour refers to that time of the day just after the Golden Hour. Depending on your location, it may be shorter (or longer) than an hour but happens before sunrise or after sunset”

Some photographers have understood this to be as valuable as photos taken during the “Golden Hour”.

The one thing that you need to add to your equipment arsenal is the mighty tripod. A tool every photographer should have. You should realize that the sun has gone down, and this is a harder photo to take because your light has gone down. This is the “BLUE HOUR”.

Photo by Hakan Tahmaz from Pexels

From the pictures you see here, these photos are all landscape photos. So you would use the usual landscape rules. Watch that your horizon line is not down the middle of the photo. Either have more sky if it’s so magical or more foreground if it’s got extra color to add to it.

Photo by KEHN HERMANO from Pexels

A lot of “BLUE HOUR” photos have purple in the colors as well. This is only natural and is a bonus while trying to capture the twilight colors.

If you like to take photos of sunsets, then this should be real fun for you. First take a photo of the sunset, then wait a few minutes and see how the twilight looks. If you have clouds in your sunset, then the “BLUE HOUR” effects will be absolutely amazing.

Notice with this photo, the fog created the “blue hour” beautifully because the sun had set, and the sky reflected the blue into the fog.


If you notice the clouds in the sky and they produce a beautiful sunset, then just wait till the sun sets, and check out the different types of blue and purple that comes after the sunset. And remember, because the sun has gone down, the tripod will be the thing that saves these amazing photos.

Also, give it time to give you colors. Depending on where you are the “blue Hour” may last up to an hour after the sun goes down.

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