I want to thank you for finding this web site.  A little bit about me.  I am located in the beautiful state of Utah, United States of America.  I personally think that this state of Utah is one of the most beautiful states for photography in the world.  Currently this state has the most National parks as the next state in the union.  We have the rocky red cliffs and canyons, similar to the Grand Canyon of Arizona.  Some people say that our canyons are more colorful, and beautiful, but, the Grand Canyon is just deep and awe inspiring.  And then we have the beautiful mountains of the Wasatch Front that has supported the Winter Olympics back in 2002.  The high Uintah Mountains are one of my favorite places with the high mountain peaks and many rivers and lakes.  Just a beautiful scenic place to live.

I personally have been involved in Photography nearly all my life.  I have been in the Photography retail business for well over 20 years.  I have also been involved in competitions, and have won awards in photography.  I have also had some fun times judging the county fairs here locally.  While in the retail business, we conducted photography schools for years and years.

Now I want to share all the things I have learned in photography, and especially share those talents of other photographers.  I want to provide beautiful photos and entertainment for the photographers around the world.  This is like a magazine for all types of photographers.  I will keep everyone up to date with new products, and the newest in learning as well.  Photo galleries, and “Photos of the Week”, are a regular thing here.  So, join me, and share this site with your friends and family.  I am sure you will enjoy this.



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