Just who is behind “123PhotoGo”

The website 123photogo was the creation of Lanny Cottrell. The name just came to me and the family together after we noticed a box of fireworks with the name 123Boom! Trying not to replicate any other photography website out there, I changed the name with the idea that photography would be what my blog is all about. And I felt that this blog site would be a big bang of a hit (Playing on the theme of fireworks).

Am I qualified to talk about photography?

This is like a resume of experiences I have had in photography. So Here we go:

  • My first experience with photography was clear back in 1976 I started working for a photography store by the name of Inkley’s Photo. It was the largest photo store in Utah, Idaho.

I learned to love photography while working there, and became a store manager within a few short years. I learned photography well while there, and while I was the store manager, I conducted photo courses that our customers could come to when they purchased a camera from us.

This was back in the day when it was film cameras of course, and automatic cameras was just coming into existence. We had to know all the workings of cameras, like ASA (ISO today), and shutter speeds, and Aperture, and how they all worked together. My first camera was an all manual: Nikon Nikkormat. Had made some great photos, and even tried to enter some photo contests and won a few awards in photography.

The company is long gone, and I had quit, and tried a few other jobs. And then the idea of doing a blog, teaching people how to do photography was in my blood again.

There are several photo courses I sell now on this site. Just go to the main menu at the top of the website, and you will see several photo courses I have created and have made available for sale.


Let’s build something together.

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