PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving and Photography

Those of you living in the United States, we celebrate November 26th as “Thanksgiving Day”. And this is a time when families get together, eat a big roasted Turkey, and lots more food. But mostly it’s about getting the family together, renew our love as families and to take a moment and be grateful forContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving and Photography”


It is true: the Covid19 situation has made photography a little more challenging to go and get good photos. BUT, it shouldn’t have to. If you are a landscape photographer, this pandemic should not get in your way. I found this video from a professional photographer that talks about taking photos during this pandemic. VeryContinue reading “LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY DURING THE PANDEMIC:”

Pro Photographer shares mistakes he made along the way

Here is another great video obtained through Picture/Correct, and Sunny Shrestha shared the video made by: Brendan van Son. I watched this video closely and was realizing myself, that I make some of these mistakes. So, it’s worth watching and hope you enjoy this: In photography, we often see people making common mistakes. But whatContinue reading “Pro Photographer shares mistakes he made along the way”