10 Things photographers do before they push the button:

Sometimes when we take pictures, we get into the habit to just look through the viewfinder, aim, and push the button, and hope the camera did a good job.  That is all good and dandy, unless you want something spectacular.  What does a real good photographer think about or do before they push that button? Continue reading “10 Things photographers do before they push the button:”



Macro photography is all about exploring the wonders of the world around you from a very close distance. Macro lenses let you see the tiniest parts of the world in extreme detail, often exposing an array of colors and patterns hidden right before our eyes. Macro lenses are also expensive! However, if you find yourselfContinue reading “EXPLORING YOUR HOME WITH CLOSE-UP FILTERS”

Photos of the Week: Portraits of Children

Children are so adorable. And a group of photographers from Pexels has added their own photos to create an amazing collection of beautiful, photos of children. For this week’s Photos of the Week, we are showing the most beautiful collection of photos of Children. I hope you will enjoy this collection of PHOTOS OF THEContinue reading “Photos of the Week: Portraits of Children”