Part 3 – Photos of the Week, featuring Low light photography !

In this weeks series of training and entertainment, today’s blog is the weekly “Photos of the Week“, but a continuation of amazing award winning photos depicting LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY. And this will give you some idea of just how wonderful low light photography can be, when you see award winning photos. Let’s get started: AContinue reading “Part 3 – Photos of the Week, featuring Low light photography !”



In our continuation of the subject of the week: ”Low light photography tips” we will continue on with the subject written by Richard Schneider. Enjoy: 1. Crank up the ISO. The higher the ISO number, the more sensitive the camera’s sensor is to the light that is reaching it. The additional noise that is generatedContinue reading “PART 2 – LOW LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS:”

Part 1 – Low light photography tips:

A new week, and whole week of this subject of shooting in low light, or night photography. Also this week, we will do a special presentation on taking photos of fireworks. There is a few tricks to shooting fireworks at night, and we will cover that on Thursday this week. There are so many thingsContinue reading “Part 1 – Low light photography tips:”