No photographer can please everyone:

Have you ever taken some great photos and everyone seems to like them. You keep going and taking photos for your friends, relatives, and then all of a sudden, you hear somebody say they didn’t like your photos. Crushed!! You thought you were doing well. Well here is another great article by Sunny Shrestha withContinue reading “No photographer can please everyone:”


Making mistakes is quite natural. No one is perfect. Especially for photographers, mistakes are an indication that you are making progress in your artistic journey. But while there’s no need to panic just because you made a mistake, the same cannot be said if you keep repeating them. It is thus very important that youContinue reading “MISTAKES TO AVOID AS A BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHER:”

Attention Cell phone photographers:

We are glad that a lot of people that read the content from this website are avid photographers with their cell phones. You who use your cell phones for photography: We have a special just for you ! Now cell phone photographers have a magazine for them. It’s an online photography magazine just for cellContinue reading “Attention Cell phone photographers:”