The seasons are changing, and I don’t know about you, but, the time to go out and take beautiful fall colors, is just around the corner. I felt it was time to see some amazing “Photos of Autumn” from some of the best photographers. See what you think:

Something new to try: Panoramas !

Many landscape photographers like to create panoramic pictures – compositions that are wider in shape than the physical frame of their camera’s sensor. It’s a great way of getting a better photo of an interesting view – but while panoramas are relatively easy to create with today’s cameras and software, they’re not all that easyContinue reading “Something new to try: Panoramas !”

New Interesting photos:

There are photographers who often just run into, or create their own, real interesting photos. Here are just a few recent ones: Landscape photographers are crazy about lighting, patiently waiting for the right moment to capture scenery in all its full glory. Award winning landscape photographer Albert Dros captured this amazing image of the mountainsContinue reading “New Interesting photos:”