Our annual trip into the mountains in autumn were rewarded nicely: When autumn comes to Utah, all photographers make their way up into the mountains to get their share of color photos. This year, my wife and I (Sandy), took the route up Ogden Canyon, over Trappers Loop, through Morgan city on to East Canyon reservoir and then up to the top of Emigration Canyon. … Continue reading AUTUMN IN UTAH DOES NOT DISSAPOINT


I don’t care who you are, but I think a good photographer practices different ideas to create their images. Praveen Pravee, has been a follower of 123PhotoGo for some time and has recently asked if he could display some of his photos. I asked him to show me some of his photos, and then wrote back to him: “OH YEAH!!! LET’S DO A SPECIAL ON … Continue reading PRAVEEN PRAVEE: PHOTOGRAPHER FROM INDIA !

Understanding Histogram

If you own a Digital Camera, in your display, and your instruction manual, you were introduced to something called a HISTOGRAM. And there are too many people that own a digital camera that have no idea how to use this. Today I have a guest Author, that has allowed me to use this article to help us all understand the HISTOGRAM. Thank you Cecilia Hwung. … Continue reading Understanding Histogram