For Landscapes: wide angle or telephoto lens? How about both!!

An easy assumption to make, when shooting landscapes, is to use a wide-angle lens. After all, most landscape photographers favor wide-angle lenses for a reason: They naturally give you the widest view and allow you to get the full landscape into the frame, from the foreground to the horizon. Wide-angle lenses also have the widestContinue reading “For Landscapes: wide angle or telephoto lens? How about both!!”

How, Why, and When to Use Polarizing Filters

I am a person who likes to create and make the photos look good during the actual time I press the shutter release button on my camera. So many people take a photo and then go to Adobe workshop and “fix” their problems. Granted, I love Lightroom. Lightroom in post production let’s you do thingsContinue reading “How, Why, and When to Use Polarizing Filters”

No photographer can please everyone:

Have you ever taken some great photos and everyone seems to like them. You keep going and taking photos for your friends, relatives, and then all of a sudden, you hear somebody say they didn’t like your photos. Crushed!! You thought you were doing well. Well here is another great article by Sunny Shrestha withContinue reading “No photographer can please everyone:”