PART 4 / Light for photographers:

With our continuing them on light or lighting for this week, I found this other great article that talks about how light is so important for photographers. This article explained well how to use light and it helps you to understand how light works in photography The article was written by Colin Aiken for PICTUREContinue reading “PART 4 / Light for photographers:”


PART 2 – Photo lighting techniques :

With this weeks subject just on lighting, I hope I can convey in these blogs the importance of understanding lighting. Yesterday’s blog about the different types of lighting was a great article. To carry on with this subject I found another great article from the website: and it’s titled: Photography Lighting Techniques and authoredContinue reading “PART 2 – Photo lighting techniques :”

PART 1: Understanding light in photography

If you have been following these blogs for the last few weeks, you will notice that I pick a theme and run with ideas of that theme for the whole week. For example, last week I did a whole week of understanding what you need for “travel Photography”. This week, I am going to doContinue reading “PART 1: Understanding light in photography”