Part 3 – Amazing landscape photos from around the world:

We live in a beautiful world. And there are many great landscape photographers to help us enjoy this lovely world. Let’s take a moment and look at these amazing photos: This is an amazing collection of great landscapes. Don’t miss our continuing education on Landscape Photography, the rest of this week ! Advertisements


PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Part 3, the best in composition:

As I continue the subject of the week, composition, it’s time for the usual Photos of the Week! And with that, I found the most wonderful photos that show composition in it’s best. A variety of photos as well, all showing how composition and the rules of composition make for better photos, and better art.Continue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Part 3, the best in composition:”

Photos of the Week: Part 3 – The best Street photography photos

In our continuation of this week’s subject of STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, I felt it was only appropriate to add the best STREET PHOTO’S that I could find, for this week’s: PHOTOS OF THE WEEK ! Street photography – Wikipedia › wiki › Street_photographyStreet photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art orContinue reading “Photos of the Week: Part 3 – The best Street photography photos”