Which is more important: Lighting or Composition?

I have been a photographer for a long time. I have worked in camera stores for 20 years, helping people understand photography. And then this question pops up today: WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT: LIGHTING OR COMPOSITION? That is a very good question. Because without good lighting, you can’t have good composition. And good composition can’tContinue reading “Which is more important: Lighting or Composition?”

Notes on how to take night photos

With the coming forth of the newer cameras able to take photos in extreme darkness, I wanted you to go with me through this video and show you what to watch out for in taking photos at night. So, watch out for the lighting, and still look for good photos to take pictures of. PleaseContinue reading “Notes on how to take night photos”


When you get to that point that you are comfortable as an “advanced photographer” or even a professional, it is interesting to see what kind of equipment a photographer would have. Would you like to have their equipment? Why do they have that equipment? What can I learn from seeing the equipment a photographer mightContinue reading “WHAT DOES “THIS” PHOTOGRAPHER HAVE IN HIS CAMERA BAG?”