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Learning photography from artists like: Van Gogh

If you are a good photographer, do you consider your photos to be art? Photography is just another form of art, and once you master all the basics of photography, then one thing you can do is to study art from the best artists. And I do mean you can learn from artists like Van Gogh. I found this amazing article from THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY … Continue reading Learning photography from artists like: Van Gogh

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Sunset photos are probably the most loved photos people take pictures of. Sometimes you wait for the perfect sunset, and it never comes. Well, I just found an amazing article on How to Predict a Good Sunset. This has helped me tremendously, and I hope it helps you: One question every child asks is, “Why is the sky blue?” But let’s look at why is … Continue reading HOW TO PREDICT DRAMATIC SUNSETS

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Expanding Your Photographic Creativity !

The new year has come and gone and we find ourselves well and truly into 2020. Traditionally, many significant goals are made around the new year mark. But setting goals is a great way to work towards achieving a desired outcome at any time of the year. So why wait? Here are some simple creativity goals you can set yourself to expand on your photographic … Continue reading Expanding Your Photographic Creativity !

Part 4: Understanding functions of your DSLR camera

This week, I am spending time talking about the different functions of your camera, including cell phones (See Monday’s blog). Tuesday, I covered the funner parts of your DSLR camera, talking about aperture, shutter speed, and the ISO settings. Today we are continuing on this subject of camera functions by talking about: Focusing modes, and then the exposure compensation control. I just hope that many … Continue reading Part 4: Understanding functions of your DSLR camera