August is here and it is usually a time, in most places of the world, when the weather does it’s dirty work. And if you are lucky, you can capture some amazing photos of the weather, if you are not running for your life. Today’s photos just shows the amazing photos of August storms, orContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: AUGUST STORMS!”

Part 5: Understanding camera functions of your DSLR

The final post on this week’s subject. We will get into some interesting things that DSLR Cameras can do: Custom white balance and Metering modes. If you understand how important these functions are, you will have mastered your camera. Let’s get started: 6. Custom White Balance I know of some professional photographers who will typicallyContinue reading “Part 5: Understanding camera functions of your DSLR”

Photos of the Week / Part 3 – Travel photos / places to go

For the Photos of the Week this week, and since we are on the subject of traveling, let’s take a look at popular destinations that perhaps you could go to, without worrying so much about the Covid Situtation etc. And where would that be? Of course, the great outdoors, trying to get away from people.Continue reading “Photos of the Week / Part 3 – Travel photos / places to go”