Here is some low angle photography tips:

animal canine cloudy container
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We often take so many of our photos from eye level, that they really seem somewhat boring after while.  A new approach to your photography that will truly catch people’s interest is the low angle photography.  Who sees down that low, besides babies and bugs.  It might just open up a whole new world of ideas, and photos that not many photographers take.

In some of the best landscape photos taken today, you will notice that the photographer has tried to include a lot of the foreground in their landscape, almost to the point of getting on the ground themselves.  Notice that sometime as you look at a variety of real good landscape photographers.

road in city during sunset
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The bottom angle allows the viewer a fresh and different perspective of the same scene or situation. In many cases, this provides a vantage view of the location and allows the viewers to explore new perspective of the monument, landscape and sometimes events.

eiffel tower
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Low angle photography can also be used in events and parties that are organized at various occasions. One more advantage, of low angle photography is to capture motion blur of the dancers and performers on the stage. The low angle perspective gives a fresh view-point to the audience and adds to the overall excitement of the event.


person in brown skirt doing ballet
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Capturing children at play from their eye level or lower is yet another advantage of the low angle photography. Photographing children from standing position results in awkward angles and gives a ‘head-on’ perspective. The facial expressions and the innocence can be captured very well when the photographer explorers, experiments and implements low angle photography. When you are clicking photographs of children during any event or function, be sure to go down to their eye level and capture the moments. This will create high impact images, that will have a lasting impression.

full length of boy sitting on floor
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A useful accessory, in low angle photography is a small sturdy table top tripod of about 6″ (15 cm) in height. This provides more versatility and allows the photographer to capture steady shot in low light conditions like sun sets, twilight etc.

Photo by JC Essentials 😉; ISO 100, f/22.0, 15-second exposure.

Another important accessory that can be used is a remote control or time release controller to take photographs. Once the camera is mounted on the small table top tripod, the composition is finalized and actual shooting can be done from a comfortable distance by using a remote control device. Most of the modern Digital SLRs are compatible with either third-party remote controllers or from their respective manufacturers.

In some cases it may not been possible to shoot at low angles, like crowded markets, street photography or travel photography, it is always worth the time and efforts in exploring this type of photography to gain new perspective and take the photography to the next level of expertise.

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2018 World cup is over!  Here are some of the best photos:

Best world cup shots
This is just a series of photos from Reuters Photographers who put together a collection of photos of the best photos they have collected from their best Photographers.


Speed, skill and control are the hallmarks of the greatest footballers at the World Cup in Russia, but the same could be said of those covering them for the world’s media.

Here, eight Reuters photographers describe their favourite images from the tournament.

Michael Dalder: “Soccer has two major things we have to illustrate: goals and emotions. I think this image is pure emotion.”

world cup 2
Saudi Arabia’s Salem Al-Dawsari celebrates scoring their second goal against Egypt

Damir Sagolj: “Both teams lost their first two matches in the group stage and were already out of the tournament, so not many expected the match between Egypt and Saudi Arabia to really be a cracker. However, soon after kick off it became obvious that players were actually not demoralised at all, and chances started happening at both ends at the Volgograd Arena.

“I had my usual corner position that, against all logic and my wishes, didn’t produce any excitement nor any serious goal celebrations in any of the matches I covered.

“That was until that June 25 when Saudi Arabia scored their injury time winning goal – the ball ended in the right corner and goalscorer Salem Al-Dawsari started running towards me. Luckily, I had the right camera with the right lens in my hands as a young player did what is every photographer’s dream – a flip in front of him after the winning goal.

“It may not be the finals, nor was it any of the big teams or world famous players, but a flip is a flip. And it was a really nice one, and the only one during the World Cup – enough for me to be the highlight of the whole tournament.”

world cup 3
Egypt’s Amr Warda attempts an overhead kick during the match with Uruguay.

Darren Staples: “My favourite shot of the World cup was of Egypt’s Amr Warda during their match against Uruguay in Ekaterinburg.

“I was shooting from the tribune, a rare experience for myself. It’s a position photographers are not permitted to shoot from during English Premier League games – the nice dry bit where the writers sit. I find it interesting because not only does it only give you more scope to play with the shadows from the stadium, but it also gives you a better understanding of the team’s formations and tactics when looking from above.

“I was always told you shouldn’t laugh at others’ misfortunes, but on this occasion I couldn’t stop myself. Warda attempted an overhead kick, a photographer’s dream shot when the ball nestles in the back of the net. This time though, the player completely missed the ball and landed flat on his back in front of 35,000 people. I felt his embarrassment.”


world cup 4
France coach Didier Deschamps is held up by players to celebrate winning the World Cup.

Christian Hartmann: “Sometimes well-known sayings have to be re-written, so to paraphrase Gary Lineker: ‘Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans don’t always win.’ This time it was France’s turn. An emotional moment for the country, for a French photographer covering his first World Cup, but first of all for the team and its head coach.

Twenty years ago, Didier Deschamps lifted the trophy after winning in Paris as his team’s captain. Now he became the third one to win the World Cup as player and coach after Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer.

As a member of our Moscow-based Reuters crew, I was assigned to cover our elevated ‘tribune’ position from the round of 16. This position offers an excellent overview of the full scene and is quite good to shoot goal scenes, action and reaction with the green pitch as background. This position is never open for Ligue One matches in France, and I was excited to be there for the most important matches staged in both Moscow stadiums.

But what a finish for me! Just after the final whistle, the whole team began to celebrate on each corner of the pitch. As a photographer, these first moments are the ones you want to capture, looking for the more intense reaction of the key players and of course their coach. After a few minutes, Didier Deschamps went to the group waiting for the trophy ceremony, and I had a feeling I had to focus and stick with the 600mm telephoto lens as something could happen. Seconds later, Deschamps was lifted by the team and thrown into the air. This was one of the strongest images for me, a French photographer covering a World Cup final and witnessing his team bringing the trophy home.”


world cup 5
Germany’s Mario Gomez, Mats Hummels, Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Muller react during the match with South Korea.

Dylan Martinez: “What can I say about this picture? It’s not quite perfect, as it works best as a vertical, and since when was the world vertical? Still, I do like the geometry of it and I rarely get to photograph from the ‘tribune’, so when I got the chance I jumped. And seriously, how much fun? – It’s like watching it on TV. And then, of course I got to see one of my favourite players, Son Heung-min of Spurs, score the winning goal for South Korea and send Germany home. It was a big story, a big moment, and although I’m not usually one for schadenfreude, as any genuine sports fan will tell you, that’s pretty much the whole point of the World Cup.”


world cup 6
President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic consoles Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic as FIFA president Gianni Infantino, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of France Emmanuel Macron look on during the presentation.

Kai Pfaffenbach: “Usually a football World Cup is all about the action, goals and emotions on the pitch. This World Cup’s final had a lot of that too, but despite the 4-2 result my favourite picture is this. As soon as the victory ceremony started, a heavy downpour began. A helper had an umbrella for Russia President Vladimir Putin quickly on hand, while his counterparts from France and Croatia enjoyed a little shower along with FIFA President Gianni Infantino. France President Emmanuel Macron didn’t seem to care and enjoyed himself – and his team’s victory – while Croatia President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic comforted her team’s coach.”



world cup 7
Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic celebrates scoring their second goal with teammates against England.

Carl Recine: “Mario Mandzukic celebrating was a bittersweet moment. It’s probably the best celebration picture I’ll get from a World Cup, but as the goal knocked England out of the competition I’ll always look at this images with a hint of sadness. It was taken on a 16mm lens, the sequence of celebration pictures started on a 70-200mm but as he and the rest of the team got closer and closer, I realised pretty quickly that something a little bit wider would be necessary. As the players fell into us, the ensuing carnage saw AFP photographer Yuri Cortez get hugs and kisses from the Croat players after he was knocked to the ground, which also made for a lovely set of pictures.”



world cup 8
Russia coach Stanislav Cherchesov salutes Artem Dzyuba after he scored their third goal against Saudi Arabia.

Maxim Shemetov: “In this picture Russian coach Stanislav Cherchesov salutes his player Artyom Dzyuba just after he scored in Russia’s opening match against Saudi Arabia at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium. What is great about this moment is that before the start of the World Cup, Russia’s national team had not won a match for several months, and the whole country didn’t believe they could get very far. Against Saudi Arabia, Dzyuba scored immediately after coming off the bench in the second half.”





Photos of the Week: 7/19/2018:  The amazing Wildlife Collection of Yellowstone:

yw 1
There is not a National Park in the World that brags about the Wildlife that it has.  People come from all over the world to one of the largest National parks of the United States to not only see this amazing National Park with it’s amazing geysers and gorgeous scenery but to see the abundance of amazing wildlife closeup.  Step into the world now of some of the most beautiful wildlife that you can imagine  you would see in Yellowstone National Park:


yw 2
One of the amazing bull elk you may see when you come to Yellowstone National Park.


yw 3
The mighty bald eagle may also be a common bird you will see in Yellowstone.


yw 4
The pronghorn antelope is also a common animal here, if you get into the higher elevation.


yw 5
This should be your every morning routine; Wake up, poor coffee, check Y.W. for new sightings! 
This otter mom and her three pups were passing the time at Fishing Bridge yesterday morning. We are unsure if they stopped at the Visitor Center, however.


yw 6
Elk calves resting in the grass near the Mammoth Visitor Center.


yw 7
Guess who we spotted yesterday?! Our old friend Scarface spent the day on the slopes near Dunraven Pass. It was good to finally see him again, as we seemed to just miss him four or five times this year already.


yw 8
A black bear resting in some shady grass near Tower Falls.



yw 9
Yesterday was a day of bison sightings, with the most notable being this monster. He was out directing traffic on the Pelican Creek bridge


yw 10
A Red-tailed Hawk scanning a meadow from an aspen limb in Little America.
The birds of prey are out in full force in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Don’t forget to look up when out searching for wildlife!


yw 11
This is always fun to see:  the baby bison with the parents close by.  This looks especially good when mixed with the morning mist.


yw 12
Bull elk in velvet. 
Elk antlers are one of the fastest growing animal tissues in the world. These particular bulls have been spotted several times in the past few weeks and their antlers are noticeably larger each time we see them!


yw 13
Remember that we have expanded our maps to include Grand Teton National Park this year. We’ve already had a few sightings from down there too!

Check out there website about this:


yw 14
Lots of really great sightings from yesterday, including an otter family, four very large bighorn rams, Blaze’s cub near Steamboat Point, and this fox vixen with her two kits.


yw 15
Busy morning today on Mary Bay. We spotted “Raspberry” the grizzly at 6:30, then after she wandered off, this guy came strolling in (7:40am.) We stuck around the area for awhile, and left him there about an hour later. Both sightings are posted, including the photo of Raspberry.


yw 16
Enter a capSpring is a great time to see Sandhill Cranes in Yellowstone. This pair flew overhead as we were on the Fountain Paint Pot boardwalks.
yw 17
For the first time in 2013, we drove to Old Faithful yesterday. This coyote was there to greet us when we arrived.


yw 18
Here is a pregnant moose cow that we spotted near Blacktail Plateau Drive,


yw 19
.and finally, Yellowstone Easter Bunny! Happy Easter Everyone.


yw 20
A mule deer bedded down along the Gardner River while keeping alert for any potential predators.


animal canine carnivore dog
 The most interesting animal added back into the Yellowstone Wildlife is the Wolf.  Photo by Pixabay on  
nature animal wolf wilderness
There has been some interesting controversy about wolves being added back into Yellowstone, but the facts prove it was a good ideas.  Read below:  Photo by Pixabay on


The land of Old Faithful wasn’t always so lush. Two decades ago, Yellowstone National Park was the victim of defoliation, erosion and an unbalanced ecosystem. But in 1995, everything changed.

That was the year wolves were reintroduced to the park. Before then, government predator control programs had all but eliminated the gray wolf from America’s lower 48 states. Consequently, deer and elk populations increased substantially, resulting in overgrazing, particularly of willows and other vegetation important to soil and riverbank structure, leaving the landscape vulnerable to erosion. Without wolves, the entire ecosystem of the park suffered.

As a top predator, wolves are one of Yellowstone’s linchpins, holding together the delicate balance of predator and prey. Their removal in the early 20th century disrupted food webs and set off something called a “trophic cascade,” in which the wolves’ natural prey (in this case, elk) multiplied, all the while consuming increasing amounts of foliage. The phenomenon occurred again in reverse when the wolves were reintroduced and the natural balance was restored.

When wolves were brought back to the park, they not only killed elk, but also changed their prey’s behavior patterns. The herbivores started to avoid areas like valleys and gorges where they could be easily hunted by predators. As a result, those areas began to regenerate, and species such as birds, beavers, mice and bears returned. Plant life once again thrived along the riverbanks and erosion decreased significantly. The stabilization of the riverbanks actually made the rivers and streams change course. With the reintroduction of just a small population of wolves, the landscape of the whole park transformed.


Hopefully,  you have enjoyed this rare glimpse into the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park.  Now you can see why there are so many tourists come to Yellowstone.   Not only to see the amazing scenery, geysers and beautiful waterfalls, but the wildlife is in abundance to enjoy.

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