This week’s Photos of the Week, Amazing, beautiful, spectacular…. and on, and on.  I found 6 of the most amazing photos this week that everyone should be excited to see.  Congratulations to this week’s winners, and remember, the goal in this is for all photographers to look at these, and to learn from these, the composition, the lighting, and to remember to always have your camera with you.   Enjoy:
Portrait of the Week:
Photo by:  Ariel Grabowski

Simply titled:  Photo shoot with with Margo. 

This photo has a lot going for it.  The model is beautiful, the lighting is amazing, the placement of the lights is amazing.  The softness of the picture, I think makes this just a great photo.  And for some reason, I really like the placement of her hands.  Some people may differ with me on this, but, some models don’t have pretty hands, but Margo does, and these deserve to be shown.  Great job Ariel.  You deserve to win this week’s Portrait of the week.

Photo by:  Kevin John Wach Photography

Wow, amazing photo of capturing this Lynx peeking around the tree.  Just being there at the right time and right place.  Now that takes patience and certainly deserves some credit for capturing this animal just this way.

Great job Kevin, on just working this out this way and sharing it on Facebook for us to capture it and sharing it with the world. This Photo was shared on the Group site:  Photo Nerds.  Check it out.

Photo by:  Tracey Pogson / Tulip Time Images

Posted in Photoshop and Lightroom.  The second in my zoo series called Dreaming of Home.

Have you ever seen a chimpanzee in this image before.  I looked at this as a portrait almost and see the dream in his or her eyes.  What a great photo, and the computer retouching after has made this a masterpiece.  That Tracey for bringing this animal out front where we can appreciate this animal more than ever.  It is heartfelt and truly touching, and that is what photography should do to us. 
Photo by:  Krishnendu Dey

Simply titled:  “The Face of Nature”.

Presented in the Group:  Photoshop and Lightroom.

Now, I think this is a winning photo because I know very few people who are really good at doing a good double exposure.  And Krishnendu has hit this one on the mark.  A beautiful girl, mixed with a tree and birds, like it’s her hair or something.  Wait, is this “Mother Nature”?  What a great combination used for a double exposure.

From the Facebook Like Page:  Fantastic things in the World

No photographer mentioned, but the interesting fact posted with this photo, and good to pass on here:

Perfect Record!
Did you know? The Owl is the only animal that can fly without causing any kind of noise.

Now this photo is amazing to capture the owl in flight.  What is amazing about it more than usual is that it is coming straight towards the photographer.  Look at the details and of course it had to have the shutter speed set right so you got a great stop action shot.  Congratulations to the photographer, whoever it is.  This is an amazing photo.

Photographer unknown, but, Posted in the group:  My World is Beautiful

Now, talking about a photo that touches emotions.  This photo makes you just kind of think about wouldn’t this be a great place for a Honeymoon?  As long as I only had to do those stairs once !!! 

Right.  But, check out the surroundings, the light, the unique island in itself.  The quietness of the surroundings, and I am sure that this place is like the most serene place you could imagine.  Your mind definitely wanders when you look at this photo.  What a beautiful photo.

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A DASHBOARD CAMERA OR DASHCAM, SHOULD THAT BE IN YOUR ARESENAL? This website has been used exclusively for photographic information, and to keep people informed and entertained about photography.  …




This website has been used exclusively for photographic information, and to keep people informed and entertained about photography.  But, you know there are many types of photography equipment.  I have talked about DSLR cameras, Medium Format cameras, the new mirrorless cameras that have become popular last year, and even cell phones and how they can be used as a major tool in the photography world.   And now, I can’t help but think how important this one more piece of photography equipment ought to be in a photographers tool chest, or for that matter, everyone’s list.


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Discreet Design (very small, and out of the way, you will hardly know it is there)
Wide Dynamic (WDR) Technology (means that even in the strangest lighting situation, it will capture a good quality image, whether it has headlights coming at you, or the opposite)
2.4 inch 4:3 TFT LCD (Good quality screen)
Loop recording: automatically overwrites oldest video file with newest (Never have to worry about taking out the memory card and replace it.  It will just record over the oldest recording)
Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) can locks data to memory (if you have something you don’t want erased from memory, you can lock it in memory)
Multi-language support
With 3M adhesive mount, convenient installation
Extra USB Charging port on power adapter

Some even have a lens for the front and one for the back.


So, the question is what does it take to make it all work?  You will need to usually buy one micro sd card when you buy the camera.  That is what the video will record onto. And that is usually the only other thing you need to buy extra.  The cameras come with the power adapter, a battery usually is included to backup the memory of the camera.  A cord comes with it to plug into your power source in your vehicle.  I notice that most of them have designed it so that you can make it so that it doesn’t hang straight down, in front of the windshield, so it is not in your way.  So, a nice long cord and it will hard to even notice that it is even mounted up around your mirror.

I am including with this article links to Amazon so you can actually buy the ones that are good, and are recommended.  So, feel free to browse through these links, purchase the one you want so you can have a record of your drives.  Imagine what would happen if you got in an accident.  You will have it all recorded.  The insurance company, the police will be forever grateful you have equipped yourself with this device.  I often wonder, if in the future, that insurance companies would give you a rate decrease if you have this???? Can’t say for sure, but if there is enough out there, it could be a factor.


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