Notes on how to take night photos

With the coming forth of the newer cameras able to take photos in extreme darkness, I wanted you to go with me through this video and show you what to watch out for in taking photos at night. So, watch out for the lighting, and still look for good photos to take pictures of.

Please watch the video below:

Here are the actual results from tonight’s low light shooting:

This is the first photo taken tonight at 9pm, using just my new cell phone (DSLR would give you the same results if shot at 3200ISO). Amazing that I could still get this photo, no flash, and get this fence-line photo. Notice the deep yellow colors to this photo. This is the actual photo taken before Post-Production.
The same photo as above, but, most of the yellow color taken out. Interesting to see the blues in the sky come out. Made this for a more pleasing photo.
Photo number 2 taken of the broken fence. Still notice the yellowish color to the photo before post-production.
Same as the photo above, but with the yellow taken out of the photo, to make it look more pleasing. Once again, look at the blues in the sky come out.
This photo was purposely taken with the street lights in it. If we make this photo (below) look like daylight, then you would never know that this was taken at night. It’s often a good idea when taking your night photos, to include the lighting in the photo.
I love how this photo turned out after post-production. Blue sky, and the light is now white (Mostly). A winning photo you think?
You will recall our final photo was of flowers in the natural street light. Do you like this, Or below ?
These are yellow flowers. I take the yellow produced from the street light, and make it more daylight, and I get the green grass, and the blue tint to the sidewalk was surprising, but nice. What do you think?

With what you see in the results of our night time shooting, what do you think? Your comments are welcome and hope you enjoyed this video presentation.


When you get to that point that you are comfortable as an “advanced photographer” or even a professional, it is interesting to see what kind of equipment a photographer would have. Would you like to have their equipment? Why do they have that equipment? What can I learn from seeing the equipment a photographer might have or want to have in their bag?

Well, on today’s video, we are going to walk through the different things I have in my bag right now. Is it everything I want? Oh no! A photographer would always like to have more.

Please check this video out, and see what I have in my photographer’s bag:

I mentioned in the video of how much I like to shoot natural light. Here is a photo I have taken that was taken at about 10pm at night, no flash, just using the natural lights from the road:

Photo taken at 10 pm at night. No flash, just using the natural light of the street lights.

The things that most photographers would want to add to their bag: lenses, lenses, and more lenses.

For more information about what kind of lenses there are available for your camera, let’s just look at the website for Sigma lenses:

assorted black and gray cameras
Photo by Alex Andrews on


Have you ever noticed that some of the best photos of landscapes and scenery, has clouds in it? Clouds are what makes a sunset so dramatic. Clouds are what improves a great scenery photo.

Here is a great collection of photos, with clouds, that absolutely improves the photo:

alberta amazing attraction banff
Photo by James Wheeler on
symmetrical photography of clouds covered blue sky
Photo by James Wheeler on
Photo by Fabian Wiktor on
beautiful calm clouds dark
Photo by Pixabay on
time lapse photography of waterfalls during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on
architecture buildings business city
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on
scenic view of mountains during dawn
Photo by Simon Matzinger on
anonymous couple standing on lakeside
Photo by Trần Long on
light sea dawn landscape
Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography
photo of person standing on cliff edge
Photo by Tom Verdoot on
cottages in the middle of beach
Photo by Julius Silver on
Photo by Lanny Cottrell photography
green trees under blue and orange sky during sunset
Photo by Lisa Fotios on
waterfalls during sunset
Photo by Sachin C Nair on
snow covered mountain
Photo by Trace Hudson on
photo by Lanny Cottrell photography
beach during sunset
Photo by Bella White on
light sea dawn landscape
Photo by Pixabay on
corn fields under white clouds with blue sky during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on
Photo by Lanny Cottrell
altitude clouds cold daylight
Photo by Pixabay on
road under cloudy sky
Photo by Pixabay on
brown mountains
Photo by Roberto Nickson on

See how amazing clouds will greatly enhance your photos! Look for those clouds!