There is a trick to getting real good candid photos.  It’s called:  BLENDING IN !!  How do you blend in when you have that big camera around your neck all the time?   Here is some pointers that should really help.  Once you master this, the best photos can often be the best CANDID PHOTOS !

Article by:  Nimish Thapar:
One of the toughest things about being a photographer is going unnoticed with a camera when trying to get good candid shots. Most of the time when people see you with a camera, they tend to stiffen up; the camera can make them nervous. And this is not exclusive to amateur photographers either. Even pros have to deal with this at parties or weddings, where people of the general audience are not expecting to photographed. The following are some things you can do to help people feel more at ease when you take your photos.

“La bambina al matrimonio” captured by Roberto Taddeo


Although we have heard this advice on multiple occasions to help us become better photographers, this also doubles as advice on being comfortably accepted as someone who will be taking photos. It is human habit to become accustomed to certain traits of one’s environment. For example, some people are notorious for always having a book with them, while others may be known as the person who always has earbuds in their ears. The goal here is to have people begin to associate you with your camera, so that when you walk around with one, people just accept it as part of who you are. This goes a long way to spread the comfort around your friend circles, and over time people will acclimate to it.

In a similar vein to the last point, it is also a good idea, if you are going to a party where you may not know everyone, to carry your camera with you from the start. I once went to a summer camp where one of my floor mates carried a camera from the moment I met him. It was only about a day before I found this habitual, and it even felt odd for him not to have his camera with him, even if it was just in the dorms for nightly meetings. The idea here is again to make people think naturally that you will have a camera. If you get to a special occasion, and start pulling the camera out of a big bag, people may feel more intimidated than if you just had it around your neck from the get-go.


While it is true that you as a photographer want to appear objective when interacting with people, sometimes taking a moment to lower your camera and mingle at the party can go a long way with building trust in the people present. If someone doesn’t know you, it will be harder to get a candid shot of him/her when the time comes. They might be the kind of person who immediately shies away from anything with a lens. By opening up to them, and letting them know you are a person as well as a photographer, you build trust, and they may be more than comfortable to let you take their photo. This technique is particularly effective on children, as they will be the quickest to shy away. If they know you are friendly, they will be more likely to ignore you than to run away from you.


“The Meeting” captured by Rolando (Click Image to See More From Rolando)


It might seem odd talking about not taking photos when you were hired or asked to do so, but sometimes this may be the best route. I find it easier to get better photos if you simply ask, even with a gesture, if you can take someone’s photo. However, if they say no, or are uncomfortable about it, simply lower the camera, and acknowledge their wishes. Though you may not get a photo of them, they will also do you a favor by not spreading rumors around the party that you are forceful in your hunt for photos. You build a ripple effect trust this way, and it is even possible that later on in the party, as more people know of you, the same person might be more willing to let you photograph them.

“Wedding” captured by Varin


Most importantly, keep your spirits up. People will be able to tell if you are bored of taking photos for the event, or if you are truly excited. The excitement, when present, will spread around, and will help in taking great photos. Simply have a good time, and your photos will turn out that much better.

With that all in mind, go have some fun shooting some new photos.

About the Author
Nimish Thapar is a budding photographer, just getting into the field of photography.


This week on “Photos of the Week”  I have chosen once again to go to some of those “Like” pages on Facebook.  These pages have such a great collection of great photographers who have posted some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen in such a great collection.  Last week, I found several great photos that was very famous and the talk of the industry, one with a white tiger that was amazing.  So, this week, take a look at what great photos I have found on the following “Like” pages.  And perhaps you could go to these pages and “like” them yourselves.

  •  AMAZING PICTURES (note:  there are several “Like” pages called Amazing Pictures, but carefully look through them to get the real good ones.
  • JOY OF ANIMALS (If you love animals, all kinds, this is a great “like” page)


Photo compliments of Amazing Pictures.

This photo is simply titled Bamboo Forest in Japan.  Lovely green forest, with leading lines, makes a great composed photo.  No photographer listed, but well done.

Photo compliments of Amazing pictures.

This is an amazing formation called “Wave Rock”.  I don’t think we could get a feel for the size of this rock without adding the human in the picture.  This makes the image more spectacular.  Here is the description left with the picture:

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“Wave Rock”
Wave Rock is a natural rock formation that is shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave. The “wave” is about 14 m (46 ft) high and around 110 m (360 ft) long.
It forms the north side of a solitary granite hill known as “Hyden Rock” . Wave Rock and Hyden Rock are part of a 160 ha (395-acre) nature reserve, Hyden Wildlife Park.
Photo compliments of Amazing Pictures.

This photo is amazing because it just has great leading lines, one of the things you look for in composition.  Good color, amazing clouds, it just makes for a great winning photo.


Photo compliments of “Joy of Animals”

Anyone who loves elephants, would love how this baby and mother are playing together.  These animals are just adorable.  Hard to think these get slaughtered as they grow their tusks, but, they are so photogenic.  Alongside this photo was this caption:


Just need a little help here Mom!
Photo compliments of “joy of animals”

This photo is just adorable.  Anyone who knows this dog, knows that it is a very loveable pet, and can enjoy being with someone this small.  A beautiful picture and oh so sweet.





Brooke is one of America’s most influential and exciting portrait photographers of this century.  Using ideas in her head, she often takes those ideas and creates self portraits of the thoughts that are running through her head.  It must be fun to think of these things and then create them yourself.  Think of the time it takes to put into  a picture like this.  Here is the description she put alongside this photo:


I have spent the last two days reflecting on the utter uncertainty that my life has taken on recently. It is welcome yet terrifying. It is motivating yet crippling. Maybe one day I’ll be able to share the depths of it, and maybe not. But in all of this thinking, I feel padded with community. That I can come here and tell you about the waves I’ve been riding up and down and up again is what moves me. I have spent time hiding in books, getting lost in fantasies and writing my own. I have poured over pages of poetry and found myself in the words of other poets. I am experiencing the duality of living a story and writing it at the same time. It is my greatest gift.
 Brooke has a great website to see some of her other great photos.  Please go to the following websites to see some more of her great work:
Brooke also has a passion for life.  I admire Brooke fo promoting passion for life, and she has established her own website called Passion for life.  Please check this out too:
Congratulations Brooke.  I hope to meet you some day and spend time with you in seeing how you create some of these amazing photos.  I hope you enjoy this little bit of publicity throughout the world, because you deserve this recognition.