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Have you ever just wanted to get more information and keep up with what’s available for your camera? Tired of just the regular blogs, or Facebook posts? This E-mail subscription or magazine will give you what you want. Subscribe to these affordable Custom Emails, just for you, and get the information and entertainment you want. Such as: 1- Updated information about products from your camera manufacture and support products. 2- Get more technical training about your camera, and Photoshop and Lightroom, and other helpful information. 3- A custom Q&A forum designed just for you. 4- Special photos from Professional photographers, and learn about the photographers, and how they became the pros they are. 5- Other special features designed just for your photography needs.

The prices are amazing ! You can try just one month for only: $3.00!
Or try a whole year at only $20 per year!
Choose a category that fits your desire: For Canon camera users, Nikon camera users, Sony camera users, Pentax camera users, and even CELL PHONE Camera users!
Special introductory offer: 1/2 price for all subscriptions. That equals to only $1.50 for one month, and only $10 per year. Limited time!

Attention all photographers, or even those who want more in photography: This is going to be one of the biggest and more popular digital magazines on the internet, and you can be a part of this! The above photos is the cover page of the first issue of this all important and historical magazine. And to make sure you can be a part of this, we are offering a special offer to try it out! You can get the first issue (One month) for only $3USD. And if you like it, you are welcome to get a special offer for a 1 year subscription by getting the 1 year subscription for $3 less. A special coupon will be sent to you to extend your subscription if you like it. How can you go wrong? This will be the digital magazine of the future, that all photographers, including cell phone photographers can truly enjoy! Just go to: and then click on the menu: Magazine subscription, and follow the steps. You will be glad you did!

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