YEA! 2020 is over! Time to set some PHOTOGRAPHIC GOALS!

I hope you don’t think that this is some boring topic. I know that some of you don’t set goals, but, in your photography world, isn’t there this one goal you want to achieve: I WANT TO BECOME A BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER ! Even professional photographers are always trying to improve their photography. And if youContinue reading “YEA! 2020 is over! Time to set some PHOTOGRAPHIC GOALS!”

What’s new for 2021 in Photography?

I know everyone is glad to get rid of 2020. So, with great optimism the photography market is growing and exciting new products are coming all the time. Would you like to plan on something for your camera or maybe even plan on a new camera? Let’s take a look at what is available. FujiContinue reading “What’s new for 2021 in Photography?”