There are many contests out there. And fun to enter. This particular photo contest is from the organization: BETTER PHOTO.COM. They had some amazing photos that inspire me, and hopefully you to take more pictures that are around us: The March 2022 photography contest at BetterPhoto is fun, prestigious, and inspiring. Grand Prize this month goes to ‘~ A Frosty Morning ~’ in the March … Continue reading RECENT PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS

Learn how you can do a panorama photo:

Panorama photos are photos that are longer and skinny and seem to be a photo that were made to get wide, extra wide photos. Are they done exclusively for super wide angle photos? Usually! I’d like to go over the history of Panoramas and then tell you where we are today. Since the early days of film, panoramic photography has been synonymous with landscape and … Continue reading Learn how you can do a panorama photo: