PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Winning Wallpaper photos:

Wallpaper photos! Those are those amazing photos people put on their phones as the background photo. They are inspiring, and usually amazing photos to be picked for Cellphone owners backgrounds. Let us take a look at these winning photos: Hope you enjoyed these amazing photos. Make sure you share them with your family and friends.

Understanding perspective and why it’s important:

Perspective in photography is very important, especially in taking photos of landscapes, and sometimes close-ups. The idea with perspective is to put something in the photo that will help the viewer get a better idea of how big the landscape is, or how far something really is from the camera. In the photo above, theContinue reading “Understanding perspective and why it’s important:”


There is an art in making a story out of your photos. Let’s learn some steps how: Photography is an art in itself. It has many different categories that a photographer can choose to become good at. You can become a good portrait or wedding photographer, or you could be a master at scenery andContinue reading “THE ART OF TELLING A STORY WITH JUST ONE PHOTO:”