How to shoot with “RAW” settings in photography:

Those of you who have a DSLR camera, have probably already been introduced to shooting “RAW” with your camera. This is what professionals and serious photographers know already and use it all the time. What it takes is your camera being able to shoot in “raw” format, and then taking you images to Adobe PhotoshopContinue reading “How to shoot with “RAW” settings in photography:”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Photos of the Ocean !

Last week we had a great post of amazing photos of Rivers of the world. The response was tremendous. Now, to really add to even more beauty, this week’s Photos of the Week are all about the ocean. So many people in the world love photos taken of the ocean, ocean-side, etc. Here are today’sContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Photos of the Ocean !”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: The Rivers that make up our beauty!

One thing we may all agree on, is that rivers are one of the most photographed bodies of water on our planet. They add such beauty to the world, it is hard to not notice. Today’s Photos of the Week, depict all the wonderful photos taken of Rivers.