Tips on how to take pictures of a baby or toddler :

THE CHALLENGE IS OUT: THERE ARE 51 SUBJECTS IS PHOTOGRAPHY. THIS IS #4 OF 51. WE WILL DO THEM ALL. There is nothing more beautiful and more precious, than photos of babies or toddlers. Everyone loves them, everyone loves the pictures of them. But, there are certain guidelines in getting GREAT PHOTOS of your favoriteContinue reading “Tips on how to take pictures of a baby or toddler :”

Great Photo opportunities in your Kitchen?

51 Different subjects to talk about….. This is just number 3 ! When I looked at the list of 51 different photos subjects, I knew there was going to be some subjects I would question. BUT, I like to take the challenge and find out how every subject has some sort of Photographic Interest. NowContinue reading “Great Photo opportunities in your Kitchen?”


In my quest to find some incredible photos for PHOTOS OF THE WEEK, I decided to find the latest photos of ANIMALS. Everyone loves them, and they are all a part of everyone’s lives. Here is the best collection I have found at this time, this year.. “If having a soul means being able toContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: THE BEST OF ANIMAL PHOTOS!”