Weather plays a big part in our lives, whether good or bad. We are approaching some volatile weather. Could you capture some weather-related photos? Here is a collection of some of the best weather related photos. And is this week’s winning collection. Are you brave enough to take photos in bad weather? Find ways toContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: THE BEAUTY OF WEATHER!”

What are the elements of a great photograph?

As a photographer, it’s incredibly important to know what makes a great picture. Just having a nice camera and fancy tools isn’t enough to really make it in this industry anymore. Knowing what to look for and honing in on those specific things can help you capture truly unique, personal, and in the moment imagesContinue reading “What are the elements of a great photograph?”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Experimental Photos !

Interesting subject for today’s Photos of the Week! There are a lot of talented photographers out there who deserve credit for their experimental photos. They try different things in their photography skills and have some real creative projects worth sharing. Take a look at these winners: There are some amazing, creative artists in photography. HopeContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Experimental Photos !”