Learn how to take pictures of insects:

Insects are one thing that is an interesting phenomenon in our world. Either we love them or hate them. Case in point: we all love the beautiful butterflies that we have adding beauty to our world. But, how about mosquitos or beetles or all the other things in our world. And you know, in photography,Continue reading “Learn how to take pictures of insects:”


Is that an ice cream cone that Batman has for his weapon? toys are great things to take pictures of. Let’s take a look first at the reasons why you would even want to do that. 1- Take pictures of toys to have as a memory with your child. The children you have in yourContinue reading “HOW TO TAKE PICTURES OF “TOYS””

Tips on photographing your favorite fruit or vegetable !

51 Different subjects on Photography! And I am going to do them all. Check previous blogs for subjects done. Taking photos of your favorite vegetable or fruit, and still be creative, is a challenge. This photo above of the tomato, is technically a fruit, but used as a vegetable in most servings. (The tomato isContinue reading “Tips on photographing your favorite fruit or vegetable !”