PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!

I have gone to do some photography of flowers, and close-ups, and after a while, my back has had it! I realize that I need to find ways to better take care of my body while taking photographs. This timely information from Sunny Shrestha is great advice. Watch this: Being a photographer really seems funContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!”

For Landscapes: wide angle or telephoto lens? How about both!!

An easy assumption to make, when shooting landscapes, is to use a wide-angle lens. After all, most landscape photographers favor wide-angle lenses for a reason: They naturally give you the widest view and allow you to get the full landscape into the frame, from the foreground to the horizon. Wide-angle lenses also have the widestContinue reading “For Landscapes: wide angle or telephoto lens? How about both!!”

How, Why, and When to Use Polarizing Filters

I am a person who likes to create and make the photos look good during the actual time I press the shutter release button on my camera. So many people take a photo and then go to Adobe workshop and “fix” their problems. Granted, I love Lightroom. Lightroom in post production let’s you do thingsContinue reading “How, Why, and When to Use Polarizing Filters”