Learning about negative space or minimalism in your photos:

There seems to be a new trend in photography often called minimalism, or negative space. It happens when there is a lot of background and very little subject. It reminds me of putting a photo in a frame that has a huge matte around the photo. It is very appealing and I think a lotContinue reading “Learning about negative space or minimalism in your photos:”


I have been doing this special almost every week for 5 years, finding the best photographs on the internet, had photographers present their own photos, and even did a photos of the week myself, and showcased my own photos. When you go to the main search page of your internet carrier, and type in theContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK:”

Photo Contests: Is your photography good enough?

There are actually quite a few photo contests around the world today. Have you ever thought of entering a photo contest? If your photography seems to be on par with winning photos, here are some tips for entering a photo contest: Below are some standard rules that you can tweak as needed depending on yourContinue reading “Photo Contests: Is your photography good enough?”


Some of the best photos that most people like to view are those photos that were achieved by being in the right place at the right time. I have often felt like: I wish I could get a few of those special “timings”. That is not as tough as it seems, because a lot ofContinue reading “TIMING IS EVERYTHING TO GET THE PERFECT PHOTO:”

Photos of the Week: Minimalized Photos

Minimalized Photos? Is this a new word? In your auto spell check, it doesn’t exist, but, in Photography and Art, it is a real important type of photography that almost everyone loves it. If you haven’t heard of this, then read on, because we are going to introduce the best minimalized photos I have beenContinue reading “Photos of the Week: Minimalized Photos”