I have heard it said, “if you want to become a good photographer, you have to take 10,000 pictures”. And may I add, if you want to become a good photographer, while you are taking those 10,000 photos, make sure you are practicing and learning how to take pictures, not just snapshots. If you goContinue reading “LEARN HOW TO “SEE” A PICTURE:”

What’s new for 2021 in Photography?

I know everyone is glad to get rid of 2020. So, with great optimism the photography market is growing and exciting new products are coming all the time. Would you like to plan on something for your camera or maybe even plan on a new camera? Let’s take a look at what is available. FujiContinue reading “What’s new for 2021 in Photography?”


If you are a regular scenic photographer, you obviously have tried your skills at all the different seasons. Many people find that summer and fall are probably the easiest, because everything is green, and flowers are blooming, there is just so much color in those two seasons. I have recently discovered how beautiful winter is.Continue reading “WHY IS WINTER SO HARD TO GET GOOD PHOTOS?”

Can photos from my cell phone compete against DSLR cameras?

I get this question thrown at me a lot. In fact, people will ask me how this photo they took with their cell phone, is it as good as mine? And I can take a look at their photos and say: Oh, you took this with your cell phone, right? And they say, yes. But,Continue reading “Can photos from my cell phone compete against DSLR cameras?”

Learn how to take great winter photos:

Most people, when they think of winter, just want to stay in the house and be warm. Winter is definitely a harsh, brutal time of the year. But, the photographers of the world are noticing all the beautiful photos they can take. And as they go out to take pictures they are challenged by theContinue reading “Learn how to take great winter photos:”