Can photos from my cell phone compete against DSLR cameras?

I get this question thrown at me a lot. In fact, people will ask me how this photo they took with their cell phone, is it as good as mine? And I can take a look at their photos and say: Oh, you took this with your cell phone, right? And they say, yes. But,Continue reading “Can photos from my cell phone compete against DSLR cameras?”

Learn how to take great winter photos:

Most people, when they think of winter, just want to stay in the house and be warm. Winter is definitely a harsh, brutal time of the year. But, the photographers of the world are noticing all the beautiful photos they can take. And as they go out to take pictures they are challenged by theContinue reading “Learn how to take great winter photos:”

Taking photos of Fog and mist:

If you have followed this blog site for a while, you will know that I love taking photos in the fog. The mood that it creates is unique, and besides, other people seem to like these photos too. Some parts of the country, during the cold winter air, there is fog almost every day. But,Continue reading “Taking photos of Fog and mist:”


I have said many times, that some photographers become famous because they just happened to be in the right place at the right time. If you take your camera with you all the time then those odds will be in your favor as well. Here are some amazing photos that I think you will enjoy.Continue reading “INTERESTING PHOTOS THAT YOU WOULDN’T NORMALLY SEE:”


Photos of the week can be of a particular subject, or It can be photos of the season, And it can be photos from a photographer. In this case, I, personally have had a request to display my photos. I have been involved in photography for many years, and taught photography classes, been a judgeContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: PHOTOGRAPHY BY LANNY COTTRELL”