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Have you ever been on social media, or magazine, and noticed the amazing creative photos that are on display? And then thought that you would like to explore doing that kind of photography? Or is that all done on photoshop and you don’t want to really change the photo that much, want to keep it more “pure”?

Let’s go over some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. There is a lot of different ideas presented here, but, you can definitely pick which ones you would like to try to make your photography more fun and exciting.


  • TRY PAINTING WITH LIGHT! This is not something I have discussed or done a blog on this, but, is a real fun thing to try. It involves you using a flash off your camera and lighting the subject from a distance from your camera.
Taking fire and capturing it in slow motion, is a fun way to do light painting.
One of the more recent and popular post of light painting, but doing a night-time photo of The famous arch at Arches National park, and stand underneath the arch and using your flash, you do several shots of flash all over the inside of the arch. That person underneath is actually the person doing the flashing.


  • If you started to learn more about photography from many sources, (although this one is loaded with ideas) you will undoubtedly learn more, and find some creative things you haven’t tried yet.


  • One of the fun things about photography is getting new equipment. Once you get some new equipment you can try different things with your photography. I remember the time I bought a new 100-300mm lens. I was anxious to try out this lens for some new photography I couldn’t do before. Here is one as an example:
Bird photography is not only new for me, but, now I can do it because I have this big lens.


If you take the same old pictures around your town, take some time, plan a place that you might think will be interesting. I am not a boat person, and I decided to take a trip to the beautiful “Bear Lake” for some photo opportunities, and found this photo:

Winter time was approaching and all the boats were pulled out of the harbor, and put up in the close parking lot for safety from the waves and ice in the water from winter storms.


  • Some places you have been to take pictures before, think of a different time to go back, and try some new pictures there. Maybe even try a different time of day, or go when it might be cloudy or stormy.
One of my usual trips on the way to Logan, Utah. With this trip, you have to go over a mountain range, and I haven’t really done much autumn photography before. I found this area to photograph, because in the winter, there is no cattle because a lake forms every winter. So, this photo is quite different, because there is cattle roaming, and I captured the fall colors in the background as well.


  • Joining a photography club can be fun, because you mingle with photographers who are all learning to take amazing pictures as well, and you kind of force yourself to enter in the monthly competitions.
  • Joining a Facebook Group, you can share your photos with other photographers, and see the work of other great photographers. Funny, I have started a photo group on Facebook. Here are the details:


  • There are a few ways to get feedback on your photos. If you post your photos on social media, you may get some feedback from people who don’t really know all about photography, they just like it.
  • But if you post it on a Photography group page, which has photographers on it, you may get better feedback.
  • OR, if you want like a tutor to go over your pictures, I have an email address you can send your photos to. Send your photos to:
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Photo by Annette Sousa on Unsplash

There are several different options couples have for their “couples” photo. The first is the Professional Portrait Studio sitting, in which you go to a photo studio and have a professional photographer take your pictures. That is a very formal way to take the “couples” photo. The other method, of course, is the relaxed informal, fun pictures they have taken by their best friend, who supposedly knows how to take photos of “couples”.

In today’s world, let’s look at the one that will be the most popular many years down the road. The “creative” way to take “couples” photos is the one both people will enjoy looking at the most. The one where they are doing something together, and it’s romantic, and is a huge memory for both. And I think that is the key: taking memorable pictures.

In this next little bit, let’s talk about memorable photos. I am going to give you several photos, and you should see how much more these type of photos will be the most popular.

happy trendy couple hugging in park in sunlight
Photo by Katerina Holmes on…… You know there is always a pose that you can tell the couple loves to be together. Capturing the look of love and comfort. That is what you want to do. This photo would be the one at the wedding reception if they did not do any formal studio sitting. It’s a photo of them enjoying each other.
Photo by mari lezhava on Unsplash…….The photo of the couple in a “feeling in love” photo. This photo doesn’t even have to have both faces showing completely. It’s a photo that shows that they want to be together, to touch each other, to hold each other. It shows a deeper love than what you can do in a studio, usually.
Photo by Caleb Ekeroth on Unsplash…… Getting a silhouette of the couple looking off in to the distance is a real good one that most couples like. It’s like they are looking into their future, imaging the good times they will have together. Try this, and you will be surprised at how much they like this one too.
Photo by Suzana Sousa on Unsplash —— I think you have to do something that shows the couple just having fun together. You love being together, and the smiles have to be big. Capture that moment, and you will have a winner (it helps too, if they both have braces).
persons hands with rainbow colors
Photo by cottonbro on ——- This is also the time to just do something creative…. with lighting. Usually you can find some way to use light to create something together. Don’t worry, they will enjoy doing this for you.
two person holding pinkies
Photo by Valentin Antonucci on……. Just hands again, but this time as a silhouette. Watch your horizon line when doing this. You do not want anyone about to tip over.

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash——Oh, and how are you going to get a picture of them kissing? Do it when they aren’t expecting it, and you will have a winning photo. They may be embarrassed at first, but don’t worry, it will be one of their favorite photos.


Doing photos of couples in love is a fun thing to see. Especially when you are not in a studio setting. But, it has to be professional enough to have photos that will beat out the studio sitting. Can you do it? Do these photos give you some ideas of what you can do to make great couples photos? Try it next time.

Article written by: Lanny Cottrell for 123Photogo.