A recent poll was taken to see what photographic subjects were important, and they came up with 51 different subjects. AND I AM GOING TO TEACH ALL 51 SUBJECTS ON THIS BLOG! EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT EVERY SUBJECT IN PHOTOGRAPHY IS BEING PRESENTED RIGHT NOW ON THIS WEBSITE. Check out some of theContinue reading “SPECIAL TRAINING SESSION GOING ON NOW:”


I have been doing this special almost every week for 5 years, finding the best photographs on the internet, had photographers present their own photos, and even did a photos of the week myself, and showcased my own photos. When you go to the main search page of your internet carrier, and type in theContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK:”

Understanding the MM in your lenses, and what you might need:

When you first own your new dslr camera, most people buy it in a kit form, where it comes with one lens, strap, bag, camera, etc. And at first, most people don’t really understand all the numbers on their lenses. Today, I wanted to talk about 1 of the numbers on your lens, so thatContinue reading “Understanding the MM in your lenses, and what you might need:”

Can photos from my cell phone compete against DSLR cameras?

I get this question thrown at me a lot. In fact, people will ask me how this photo they took with their cell phone, is it as good as mine? And I can take a look at their photos and say: Oh, you took this with your cell phone, right? And they say, yes. But,Continue reading “Can photos from my cell phone compete against DSLR cameras?”

Taking photos of Fog and mist:

If you have followed this blog site for a while, you will know that I love taking photos in the fog. The mood that it creates is unique, and besides, other people seem to like these photos too. Some parts of the country, during the cold winter air, there is fog almost every day. But,Continue reading “Taking photos of Fog and mist:”