PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Amazing animals of Australia !

Australia, known for it’s strange animals and wildlife are so unique to Australia, that we thought it would be interesting to highlight these animals:
The “HEDGEHOG” is considered one of the most loved animals of Australia, and as of lately, they have been showing up in the United States as pets. Could you really cuddle this animal?
The “KANGAROO”, Probably Australia’s most famous animal, is definitely unique. It carries it’s babies in their pouch until they get too big.
The famous and cute Koala, is one that everybody loves. With the tremendous fires that Australia experienced the last 2 years, one of the most heart-wrenching things was to see these cute little animals, trying to escape the big fires, and some just couldn’t get away. But, there were lots of people trying to save them all. Here’s a video showing the rescue of these animals in Australia:
Watch this video
Here’s another one of the “cute” animals of Australia. This is called a NUMBAT. Not a large animal, about the size of a cat.
Are all the animals in Australia Cute? Here is another one! The WOMBAT is famous especially in Tasmania, an Island off the southern coast of Australia.
Now we are in to the ‘strange” animals. This is a Platypus. Only found in Australia.
That Excruciatingly Cute Viral 'Baby Platypus' Is Actually… PlasticLatest  Talks | Latest Talks
And of course the photo that went viral: The baby platypus. Now, it is a cute animal.
I don’t know how it’s camouflage works, but, it seems like the only place it could be hard to find is in a bunch of colored flowers. This is the beautiful “Lorikeet”
Animals of Australia - Real Word
One of the dangerous animals of Australia, the Australian Crocodile. Yikes !
Yes, this is for real. The Australian Goliath Spider. EWwww!
It was spotted on a beach in Broome, Western Australia, by the Reddit users’ mum and girlfriend – and has people online very confused.
One commented “What the heck?” at the sight of the tentacled being, while another wrote: “Quite the creature”.
Many thought it was an alien, with one Reddit user writing: “They look like a bacteriophage or some sort of alien.”
Another added: “What part of that thing is the mouth?” Eventually an answer was reached, as Reddit concluded it was an anemone flipped upside-down that had washed up on the beach.
A Reddit user wrote: “The armed anemone. Also called the striped anemone”.
Followed by “I think you are correct” from another commenter.
The armed anemone is common in the waters off Western Australia.
I don’t know what I would do, if I came out of my backyard and found this. This is a Giant Goana. That’s one big lizard.
What do spiders this size eat? Anything they want to. The famous “Huntsman Spider” will give you goosebumps.
This photo was listed as one of the “scary” animals of Australia. This is a CASSOWARY. He just looks angry.
The “THORNY DEVIL”. Not a pet you would cuddle with.
The only way to get the vast size of this centipede, is to watch it take on a King Cobra. Click on the arrow to view this animal.
Australia is often referred to as the land of ”NOPE”. Wow, you just have to be careful all the time around there.
The Australian Fruit Bat. The worlds larges bat. Give that bat a mango, please!
This is only a scary frog because a snake lives inside this frog. Crazy!
Another one of Australia’s famous bird is the Kookaburra.
Click on the video to hear why the Kookaburra is so famous.
One of the most scary animals on the island of Tasmania, is of course the “Tasmanian Devil”
This animal was so famous years ago, that it got it’s own cartoon feature. Click on this if you want some entertainment about it.
Another unique animal to Tasmania is the “Spotted Quoll”.
This beautiful photo, with the inspirational message is now available at: