Notes on how to take night photos

With the coming forth of the newer cameras able to take photos in extreme darkness, I wanted you to go with me through this video and show you what to watch out for in taking photos at night. So, watch out for the lighting, and still look for good photos to take pictures of. PleaseContinue reading “Notes on how to take night photos”


Have you ever noticed that some of the best photos of landscapes and scenery, has clouds in it? Clouds are what makes a sunset so dramatic. Clouds are what improves a great scenery photo. Here is a great collection of photos, with clouds, that absolutely improves the photo: See how amazing clouds will greatly enhanceContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: CLOUDS AND SUNSETS!”

How, Why, and When to Use Polarizing Filters

I am a person who likes to create and make the photos look good during the actual time I press the shutter release button on my camera. So many people take a photo and then go to Adobe workshop and “fix” their problems. Granted, I love Lightroom. Lightroom in post production let’s you do thingsContinue reading “How, Why, and When to Use Polarizing Filters”