How to take photos of “Something you fear”

From the author of the photo above: “We all have fears. Darkness, death, automatic flushing. These fears make up who we are. We should embrace them. Face them head on. Don’t let them define you.“ This quote is so true, and as I thought about what fears we all have…. taking photos of your fearsContinue reading “How to take photos of “Something you fear””


It seems that the majority of all photographers when taking photos of a dress, would have it on a person. Taking photos of just the dress seems really boring. In fact, I was looking for photos of “dresses” and someone had actually submitted a photo of a dress on a hanger. BLAH !! So, ifContinue reading “LEARN HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF A “DRESS””


Have you seen a photo that you liked and wondered how it was created? Well here we go: Here are a few photos that are absolutely amazing, but, the description tells you how it was taken and the circumstances: Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunkissed Eurasian Jay in Flight When we say that lighting isContinue reading “LEARNING FROM PHOTOS:”

What are the elements of a great photograph?

As a photographer, it’s incredibly important to know what makes a great picture. Just having a nice camera and fancy tools isn’t enough to really make it in this industry anymore. Knowing what to look for and honing in on those specific things can help you capture truly unique, personal, and in the moment imagesContinue reading “What are the elements of a great photograph?”

Avoid overloading detail in your photos!

As you look at the title, you are probably wondering what in the world am I talking about. Let’s get into it. When you take a scenery photo, there is something called “detail overload” in which a photographer will think that they need more “stuff” in the photo to give it dimension, when in reality,Continue reading “Avoid overloading detail in your photos!”