A lot of photography techniques can be complex and require a steep learning curve. But in today’s article, you’ll learn 11 easy creative photography techniques you can start using today! The techniques described below all require minimal extra equipment and don’t require additional post-processing. Read on to get the most creativity from your camera withContinue reading “CREATIVE THINGS YOU CAN TRY ON YOUR CAMERA:”

Which is more important: Lighting or Composition?

I have been a photographer for a long time. I have worked in camera stores for 20 years, helping people understand photography. And then this question pops up today: WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT: LIGHTING OR COMPOSITION? That is a very good question. Because without good lighting, you can’t have good composition. And good composition can’tContinue reading “Which is more important: Lighting or Composition?”

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!

I have gone to do some photography of flowers, and close-ups, and after a while, my back has had it! I realize that I need to find ways to better take care of my body while taking photographs. This timely information from Sunny Shrestha is great advice. Watch this: Being a photographer really seems funContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!”