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One of the ways to earn money with your photography is by shooting Products for manufactures. There is such an art to doing this, and the details are important. You need to make the owner of the product happy about your photos. Some people don’t like taking photos of products, because it stifles their creativity. But if you learn to make it an art, and make it sell-able, then you can get creative in this and enjoy this type of photography.

This also will fall into the selling to a stock agency that has a million photos to have available to those who need photos of their products.

For more details about how to make money in photography, there is a full 10 chapter course in making money by going to:


Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash



The most important thing to do when taking product photos for a manufacture or for a Photo stock agency is to have sharp, sharp photos. And you know the best way to do that is to take all your photos on a tripod.

Another advantage of tripods is that they hold your camera in one place while you work on your composition. If you’re creating styled images (as opposed to shooting flat e-commerce photos), then it might take a couple of attempts to get the shot right. You can set up your camera, take some time to arrange your product(s), and take a photo. You can then check the result, make some changes to the arrangement, and shoot some more – without changing your camera angle.

#2 tip on product photography:

Photo by Charles Chen on Unsplash

Using the right light for the right product. Use that as something to remind you every time. If you are shooting something that is used outdoors, then go outdoors, and use good sunlight, or diffused sunlight, or as the photographer above is doing is bringing a flash umbrella and using the available light outside.

Also, know what could happen by using the wrong lighting. What kind of problems could you have using standard light bulbs? Fluorescent lighting? You really need to know about light and it’s characteristic. For more details, go to the following links: OR for even more details about lighting, use the photo course on Basic Photography at:


Will South Korea be the first to roll out 6G?

(Pocket-lint) – Although it still feels like 5G has yet to fully roll out everywhere in the US or even in the world, South Korea is already thinking ahead about the next-generation standard to succeed 5G.

The country announced it will “commercialize” sixth-generation services by 2028, according to Lim Hye-sook, South Korea’s minister of science and information and communications technology. She spoke about 6G while at MWC 2022. “We are continuing our preparations for the 6G era with the aim of commercializing 6G from 2028 to 2030”, said Lim.

“It will offer a network 50 times faster than the current service and an expanded coverage of up to 10 kilometers above the ground,” Lim added, Yonhap News Agency and The Korea Herald both reported. Lim also noted South Korea has made a lot of progress in 5G network speed and coverage since it became the first country to commercialize 5G services in 2019.


Set of ceramic cups with different camera angles isolated on white background. Clipping path.

As you take product photography, make sure you take different angles of the product. The one who would purchase these photos will love to see that you went the extra mile to get a choice of their product. Learn to be creative in your angles as well.


If this a new term to you, then check out this diagram, here are 2 examples:

The buyer of your created photo may have some place special they want to put their photo. So, find out from the future owner where the photo going, and what format would be best.


Think of what you could do to make the product look even better! Better if you add some “environmental” props to go with the product.

Photo by Kadarius Seegars on Unsplash

The product is a bottle of CBD Oil. Do you take a photo of it just with a plain white background, or do you do something special with it? Will that make the owner of the photo like it more or less? These are important questions to ask yourself. The key to making this work right is to know the owner. Would this person like your creativity or are they just planning on catalog images with no fancy stuff? Some good questions to learn to be successful.


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One of the more popular subjects we have come up with is now available in a special “Photo Course”. A more detailed course on 10 different ways you can make money as a photographer. Each of the 10 subjects cover in great detail what is involved with making money.

man holding dslr camera
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Some of the people that read this and then apply the tips on this course, find there are several types of photography a person can do. If you have ambition and want to try making money in photography, then this course should be for you.



Finally, a good serious course on how to make money in photography. This is a detailed course on different ways to make money, what’s involved, how much do you have to know, etc. This is one of our more popular courses, and now it is available to you in a PDF format, that you can just refer to often. This course should sell for $49.95 but, we will have it on special for just $5.95. Just click on the “Pay with Paypal” below, and you can pay with any credit card. Once we have your information, we will email your course to you. Sorry, these courses are non-refundable, and non returnable. But certainly worth it.


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To see other courses available, go to:


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This is the final segment on the series: “How to make money with Photography” There are 5 other parts to this, so go back to previous blogs and read the others.


Watching videos is an easy way to take in information and many prefer it to text. Billions of people visit YouTube each year, so it’s the perfect place to host a photography education or gear review channel.

The potential to make money ultimately comes down to the number of people that view your videos. As your viewer numbers increase, you’ll be able to sign up to affiliate programs that enable your YouTube channel to become an advertising platform.

There are a lot of YouTube channels already, so if you decide to do a YouTube channel, it will have to be good, full of information to succeed. I checked on several and this one is real good, if you want to use a comparison:

17- Specialize in a photography niche:

If you want to succeed in this program, you need to specialize in a particular subject of photography to really succeed. There are photographers who are wedding photographers, there are photographers who are children’s photographers, and there are those who specialize in school photos. But, if you want to succeed at this, you would have to pick one. You won’t be able to succeed doing several (or your chances aren’t as good, I should say).


man holding woman standing beside window
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toddler wearing head scarf in bed
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girl in black and pink floral sleeveless dress stands in pathway
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man wearing black suit jacket and pants
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There are probably other ideas on photography niches, but, this should give you a good idea. If you think you are going to make money as a “landscape” artist, then, I can warn you now, there are millions of photographers who are trying to make that work. That is not a niche that you can sell, like portrait photography.

This concludes the series on: How to make money with photography! I hope you got some ideas you can work with. Good luck!

Subject: Secret Recipes Revealed

Make something different for dinner tonight.

Get inside the hidden cookbooks of America’s favorite restaurants including Red Lobster, Olive Garden, TGI Friday, PF Chang and many more!

The secret recipes for your favorite restaurant dishes have now been revealed in this best-selling new cookbook.

Prepare dishes you know they’ll love and save money by easily making them at home.

For the full list of secret recipes – go to:


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Now I have gone this far, I hope you are not thinking that I am just grasping for straws. The remaining subjects are legitimate. And this one is interesting. Just by developing a website or special page on the social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and others, and you get big numbers, you can make some serious money. Brands will see your numbers and want to promote their product on you website.

There are dedicated websites and apps that connects you to brands. Some of the more well-known apps include Takumi and Tribe. Here’s how to make your social media account attractive to brands:

  • Large follower numbers;
  • High levels of interaction (likes and comments) on your posts;
  • Original content
  • Consistency in terms of subject and style.


If you already have a blog then you are half-way there. If you don’t have one, now is the time to start. Check out this guide to WordPress to help.

Here are some potential sources of income from your blog:

  • Affiliate advertising: use a plugin like PrettyLinks to generate income from products you mention.
  • Display advertising: get paid for clicks on ads you set up using Google Adsense. Or use AdSanity to direct sell advertising space.
  • Sponsorsored Posts: get paid by companies to write about their products or services.

The key to blogging success is organic traffic. The kind of traffic you get by ranking for keywords on search engines. IN order to get organic traffic, you need killer content as well as some SEO knowledge. Checkout PhotoBlog’s guide on SEO for photographers.

Remember to tell your friends and family about your blog. Likewise, link to your blog from your social media accounts. The more visitors you get, the more potential you have to make money.


Events provide great opportunities for photographers to make money. You’ll have a ready-made customer base in the form of attendees, who will happily pay for a photo of a memorable moment.

Look at local listings to see which events are scheduled in your area. Look out for:

  • Sporting events
  • Country fairs
  • Music festivals
  • Charity events
  • Pet shows

Always contact the organizers prior to the event to offer your services– don’t just show up. It’s also a good idea to visit the venue before the event, so you can scope out the best angles.

Following the event, allow access to low resolution, watermarked images via an online gallery, so people can view before they buy.

Use a platform like Snapped4U to submit your event gallery for attendees to browse and purchase from. There’s no initial cost to you: simply set the purchase price for images and then Snapped4U retains a percentage of the sale price of each photo.


woman using slr camera
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10. Sell Images Through Galleries:

How many times have you gone to a “photo art gallery”? Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they exist. A larger town that has an Art Gallery, will probably have one that you could see. We have a large building that someone put together a place where artists can rent 10 X 12 space and they can display their own art work, or for the artists who draw, you could watch them draw while seeing their displays as well.

Check out galleries in your local area and talk to the owners. Find out what they are looking for and be prepared with examples of your work to show them.

You may be asked to pay for wall space, a monthly fee, or a percentage of profits. Some galleries will print your photos for you, but if you prefer to control the quality of your work, it’s best to organize printing yourself with a quality photo printer.

Photo by Eric Park on Unsplash

11. Become a Photography Assistant:

Becoming a photographer’s assistant is one of the quickest ways to earn extra income, learn about the industry, and improve as a photographer.

Research and find photographers you admire, then make contact with them. Enthusiasm is great but you need hard evidence of your skills: a portfolio or a link to your website is essential.

You need to be willing to take on a variety of tasks: from ensuring gear is ready to organizing & editing images.

Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

12. Publish in The Press

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Have you taken photos of something that is newsworthy, like a local event? Selling your photos to the press can generate extra income and is a great example of how to make money with photography.

It’s important to take plenty of photos. Likewise, try to get as much detail as possible and from different angles. In news photography, the information conveyed in a photo is as important as composition. You can select the best for submission later.

Here are the best websites that connect photographers with journalists and press that may be interested in purchasing photos:

You could also try calling local newspapers: this is a great way to develop personal contacts to sell future newsworthy photos.

Just 2 more days of this series. Don’t miss any! Don’t just take pictures, find ways to make money with your pictures. Read the previous blogs to learn more!


Continuing on with this series: HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH PHOTOGRAPHY. Check out yesterday’s issue, to get points 1-3.

4- Sell Images on Online Marketplaces

One of the biggest challenges of how to make money with photography is getting your work seen. Ultimately, the more people that see your work, the more you will sell.

Online selling platforms are a great solution on how to make money with photography. They provide a steady influx of interested customers who are searching for images and products that are similar to yours.

The more well-known the site, the more potential customers you will reach. Popular online market places for photography include:

  • Etsy is a great place to start and has a customer base ready to buy unique, handmade goods;
  • Photoshelter lets you build your own online shop using one of their nine website templates. You’ll need to sign up to a subscription plan, but there is an option to try before you buy with a free trial; and
  • Traditional sites like eBay also work for selling photography work
An image of a person with a cup of coffee looking at a shopping cart logo on a tablet - selling photos online is a great way to make money
Sell photos via a third party website to maximize customer reach. Photo by Justyna Faliszek.


I have a friend of mine, who used to work at the photo store with me years ago. I was surprised to find the other day, an ad he ran on FACEBOOK, in which he had organized a photo tour to Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons, and Zions Canyon National Park.

If it’s a place you love, you’ll know what time of day and year it is at its best, plus you’ll know the best angles. Hence, this is a great example of how to make money with photography.

Keep groups small so that you can give each participant enough attention. Happy customers spread the word and good reviews should send more your way. Remember it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. So if access to the location becomes difficult or the weather takes a turn for the worst, you will be prepared.

Yellowstone Photo by LaiLa Skalsky on Unsplash

Just as an example, one of my favorite professional photographers, besides selling his prints for thousands of dollars a piece, also does photo tours. Go to:

6. Put Your Images on Products

The potential for selling your photos doesn’t stop with prints. These days, just about anything–from mobile phone cases to T-shirts, and even home decor items–can be customized with a photo.

To set up production yourself and market your items is very time-consuming. Thankfully there are websites that take the hard work out of the process.

Check out Society6 or Red Bubble: both offer a print-on-demand service to get your photos on to all sorts of products. They also serve as a market place, connecting you directly to customers. Plus, these sites also fulfill orders themselves (printing and shipping).


Subject: Secret Recipes Revealed
Make something different for dinner tonight.
Get inside the hidden cookbooks of America’s favorite restaurants including Red Lobster, Olive Garden, TGI Friday, PF Chang and many more!
The secret recipes for your favorite restaurant dishes have now been revealed in this best-selling new cookbook.
Prepare dishes you know they’ll love and save money by easily making them at home.
For the full list of secret recipes – go to:


photographer on a branch
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You love photography, right? You have seen some photographers who do this as a profession, but, you don’t want to do what he is doing. So, is there any other way to make money with photography?

I recently have been studying about all the different ways to make money with your camera, and I am finally ready to share that with you. It is a long course, so this may take several sessions to get it all to you. So, here we go:

1- Sell your images via a stock agency:

There are thousands of people who buy photos to use in their advertising, in their product brochures, in their Company image, etc. and there is one place a lot of corporations and businesses go to get their photos, and that is a STOCK AGENCY.

Now, to do this, they usually expect that you will produce for the stock agency a lot of photos. I don’t know how much will happen if you don’t submit a lot of photos, but, from what I know, if you want to sell a lot of photos, you have to submit a lot of photos.

Some Genres of photos sell better than others, photos with people in them, their activities and seasons tend to be a big moving item. Check with all the people you submit to a stock agency. Can you imagine what would happen if you submitted a photo of your friend, and then they find their picture in some advertisement somewhere. A “MODEL RELEASE” is a good thing to have with every recognizable face. And if you have children’s photos, get a “MODEL RELEASE” from their parents.

girls on desk looking at notebook
Photo by Pixabay on

Another genre that seems popular to pick through stock agencies, is “SEASONS”. How do you depict seasons? Here is a couple of ideas:

red lens sunglasses on sand near sea at sunset selective focus photography
This photo, although not exciting to you, may be a big seller because it depicts summer without the usual ideas. Photo by Nitin Dhumal on
woman blowing snow from hand
Photo by on

I think a person doing something with winter, is a great idea.


I don’t think photographers, who are good, do this enough. But, there is big money in some of the competitions.

I remember I wanted to try my skills at the local county fair a few years ago. I thought I was a pretty good photographer. I made sure my photos were mounted, with a border, and presented very well. Fair’s don’t pay really big, but, it was worth finding out if my photos were any good.

I ended up taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the County Fair. I was surprised, but, with the local fairs, the amateurs who submit photos, really aren’t that good.

There are plenty of photography competitions to choose from, with prizes running into thousands of dollars.

Go to Google, and type in: Current Photo contests, and see what pulls up. I was also shocked to find a lot of contests.

You’ll have to pay to enter some, but there are also plenty of free contests. As well as cash prizes, it will give you the opportunity to have your work seen by many: which could lead to further selling opportunities.

Take a look at past winners and see what the judges are looking for. You may have a photo already that is a winning photo.

Here are just a few big ones. You can also go online and see past winners:


This one is interesting, because you would do this only if you were real knowledgeable about photography, and you could share that with people who are dying to learn. And, do you have the personality to be a “TEACHER”.

There are different ways to do this. You do not have to get up in front of a class, but, you could do this:

Run your course direct via your own photography website or blog, or use a dedicated course platform. A course platform will give you the tools to enable you to share your skills. They’ll also help you reach your customers.

Then, you have to compete with people like me who do FREE training on photography through blogs like this. But, you may have a certain skill in Photoshop, or Portrait Photography, that you could do more of a “hands on” approach.

a professor interacting with his students
Photo by Yan Krukov on

A course platform will give you the tools to enable you to share your skills. They’ll also help you reach your customers.

Check out the following platforms:

  • Skillshare: try for free before signing up to the premium plan to run paid courses;
  • Udemy: become an approved instructor to run paid courses;
  • Thinkific: great for building a course from scratch; and
  • Ruzuku: interact with students via webinars.


I hope this gets you thinking about some different ideas in how to make money with your photography. I will be going over some more ideas in just the next few days that may also help you with certain ideas. Please come back, and follow along. That was only 3 ideas today. I have about 17 ideas to show you.

marketing dawn fashion man
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Subject: Restaurant chains want to kill this guy

Sales have been slowing at national restaurant chains like Red Lobster, TGI Fridays, and the Cheesecake Factory recently due to the increase in gas prices.

To make matters worse, more and more people are discovering that they can save money by making their favorite restaurant dishes at home following the step by step instructions of Master Chef Ron Douglas.

The so called “secret recipes” of these billion dollar restaurants have now been exposed and shared with the world in the cooking instructional guide “America’s Restaurant Recipes.”

For details, go to:

Douglas is facing major pressure to take down his site and discontinue all sales of his secret recipe cookbooks. But he continues to thumb his nose at the greedy restaurant executives in support of the budget constrained home cook.

Anyone looking to duplicate their favorite restaurant recipes should pick up “America’s Restaurant Recipes” now before it’s forced off the market. Go to:

Finally you can:

  • Stop waiting on those long lines at restaurants to pay for dishes you can quickly make in your own kitchen!
  • Re-create your favorite restaurant dishes at home for a fraction of the cost by following these easy step-by-step instructions.
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