Have you ever thought of this: On your computer are hundreds, maybe thousands of images you have created. How often do you even look at them? What is photography but a capture of a memory, whether it’s artistic, or whether it’s photos of your family.

When you actually print a photo that you have taken, you do something that adds to the art of photography, by putting it on display. If you had company come over to your house, would you be accused of being a photographer? The point of all this is that you need to also add this step to your photography, by putting your work, your art on display.

Print at home or printing service (online or photo shop)

With me, I have my own Canon Printer at home, hooked up to my computer. I purchase regularly quality photo paper, not printing paper. The photo paper is stiffer, and has true white on the paper, so that if I was to print something from my winter collection, the snow will be white.

Winter photos I have in my collection that is one I really enjoy. It was cold that day, and the memories are still with me when I took this photo.

If you only want to print, say, 4×6 sizes for record-keeping purposes, simply ordering prints online will be cheaper, once you factor in the cost of ink, paper, how frequently you print, etc. The negative side is that you get what you get, and you must wait a few days to get the finished product.

Once you move up to A4 and A3+ sizes, the costs will be closer, but now you will probably be printing regularly as part of your photography and really enjoying doing so. You will have control over everything—types of paper, special inks, etc., and can produce superb prints. It can also be very creative as, if necessary, you can amend prints as you go. As I mentioned, it can become a most enjoyable part of your photography. Watching your completed print emerging from the printer can be a great experience—almost as exciting as watching your print emerge in your developer print tray in the darkroom.

Digital images on your computer are ephemeral. How often do you actually look at your pictures? When you print an image, it becomes real and you can keep it visible. Prints are tactile—something one can feel!

If you are printing A4-sized or larger, you really begin to take the time to review your images, as it will cost a bit. A great discipline to add to your enjoyment!

You look at your images more carefully, which can help you improve your photography.

Once you begin to print images at a reasonable size, you will find that your appreciation of your own photography develops and you will become more creative.

You are really beginning to discover the second half of the photographic process, which is what you do with your special images.

You might print an image at A3+ size, frame it and mount it on a key wall somewhere. It can become your image space and you can change the image every two months or so. Your family will also see why you spend time on your photography.

Family images displayed around the house help family members keep connected and remember special occasions, too.

why you should print your photos
why you should print your photos

Here is one more thing that is a great idea, if you are needing an excuse to print your images:

Consider making personalized greeting cards. A5 size is great: just select an appropriate image, print it and include a personalized message. The possibilities are endless and they are always very well received! Also, they cost less than commercial cards!

One last thought: If you want others to enjoy your photography, you should print some photos and then you too, will enjoy your photography.

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Photo by Yulia Matvienko on Unsplash

Is that an ice cream cone that Batman has for his weapon? toys are great things to take pictures of. Let’s take a look first at the reasons why you would even want to do that.

Photo by Ryan Fields on Unsplash

1- Take pictures of toys to have as a memory with your child.

The children you have in your home, whether they be your own, your grandchildren, you nephew, the neighbor child, whoever, there is some real memories in them playing with certain toys. One of the first things to get pictures of, is them personally playing with their toys ( like the photo above). Those will be precious memories years from now. I can testify of that, because my boys have all grown up, and funny, we had a discussion the other day of their favorite toys.

boy and girl sitting on bench toy
Photo by J U N E on Pexels.com

2- Take close-up photos of toys to use as decoration in the children’s room.

Nothing says “toys” or “toy room” like photos on the wall of some great toys. Now, here is the fun part of doing this: You should get a set of close-up filters or use a macro lens if you have it, and get up close to the toys, like you see in the above photo. It is very impressive how they make toys today. And make sure you get down on the same level as the toys.

3- Some toys are very elaborate and you should take photos of the child’s work.

lego toys are amazing. And some of these lego toys take a long time to build them.

And some of these lego toys are amazing and may come out as a collector item, if you and your child can keep it all together. So, take pictures of these amazing toys, for sure.

4- Track down some of your old toys, so you can show your children what you used to play with.
Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Taking photos of old toys is interesting for your children to see what you used to play with. Time to go down memory lane with your children. If you still have your old toys, perhaps you can pass them on for your children to play with.

Tip on photographing toys:

  • When photographing toys, make sure your “white balance” is working good. OR use natural daylight to use on your toys. Remember that the artificial lights in your home cast an orange color on everything. You don’t need to spend hours on your computer doing post production if you can get it right the first time.
  • Once again this is a test on how well you can do “close-up” photos. Get close to the subject so you can have it fill your frame. If you do it with your cell phone and you can’t get it close enough, maybe you will have to do some cropping to get your photos right (or buy a camera so you can do it right….. haha).

Words marked in red, like: toys will automatically pop up to a link showing you some great toys to check out. Try it: toys

focus photo of super mario luigi and yoshi figurines
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Today’s subject on the list is “taking photos of your “someone you love”.

When taking photos of the people around you, it involves some real feelings, at least that is what we all hope. Your family, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your baby, your parents, and on and on. So many people to think about when you are thinking of your loved ones. One thing I want to mention right now is that you NEED to take photos of your loved ones regularly. One of the most tragic things you can have happen, is to lose someone, and then not have any good pictures of them to remember them by. Please plan on taking photos of your loved ones.

Here are some good tips to taking pictures of your loved ones:

  1. Take serious photos, like portraits, of the people you love for a real remembrance of them. Tell them you need to practice taking portraits.
joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

2- If you have older people in the family, especially get some close-up photos of them. And tell them how much you love them. It will bring a smile to them.

family of four walking at the street
Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

3- Have someone help you take a picture of your own family, doing something you like to do, or enjoy. This way you capture your own family. Don’t forget that.

4- As a photographer, you too need to have your photo taken. I know I always took photos of the family, but, later on in life, there was no pictures of me, because I was always taking the pictures. I was the one behind the camera.

five women laughing
Photo by nappy on Pexels.com

5- When you have family together, have your camera ready to take photos. Get those moments of the family having fun, laughing, really seeing the love you have in your family. Take a lot of photos, because then the family will expect that there will be good photos taken, because you take a lot of pictures.

wood bridge cute sitting
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

6- Pets can be a very important part of a family. If you have pets, get the photos of the pet interacting with the family member. Then you have photos of the family member and the pet, and that is a winning photo, years down the road.

child sitting on bench with dog
Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

7- Take photos at school events or other events that the family might be involved in. Those are just memories to keep forever.

family preparing food in the kitchen
Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

8- And then don’t forget about your own special loved one, your wife, husband, or significant other. Make this picture special that you will hang on the wall.

smiling woman with red hair
Photo by Tomaz Barcellos on Pexels.com
Photo by behrouz sasani on Unsplash


When taking pictures of your family remember to include them in happy activities, and then be prepared to take photos of them in their best moods. Take close up or single photos of everyone in your family so you will always have a recent photo of everyone in your family. And finally, don’t forget to get a picture of you as well.