Pro Photographer shares mistakes he made along the way

Here is another great video obtained through Picture/Correct, and Sunny Shrestha shared the video made by: Brendan van Son. I watched this video closely and was realizing myself, that I make some of these mistakes. So, it’s worth watching and hope you enjoy this: In photography, we often see people making common mistakes. But whatContinue reading “Pro Photographer shares mistakes he made along the way”


You want to take great photos, and you now have a camera or cell phone and you are ready to go take pictures. Snap– you have a photo. And it doesn’t look very good. It doesn’t look like what you saw. What do professionals do to make their photos look so good? Professional photographer StephanieContinue reading “ELEMENTS OF A GREAT PHOTOGRAPH:”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Storms, Earth in turmoil !

There are many different kinds of storms around the world. This blog shows over 25 amazing photos of different types of storms. See the magnificence of “Storms”