Alan Jones from Midlothian, Scotland with this winning image, Red-billed Oxpecker (Image credit: Alan Jones)
Red-Billed Oxpecker on buffalo wins annual birding photography contest

The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SINWP) has announced the winners of the SINWP Bird Photographer of the Year 2021, which, now in its fourth year, is run in aid of the charity RSPB.

This year saw over 1,700 photographs entered from around the globe, and the images covered all wonders of the bird world from kingfishers, bald eagles, puffins and peacocks.

It was Alan Jones from Midlothian, Scotland who won the competition, with his shot of a Red-billed Oxpecker sat on a buffalo’s face.

The bird is a Red-billed Oxpecker, which is sitting on a buffalo’s face. Oxpeckers feed exclusively on the bodies of large mammals. It seems the jury is still out on whether they do the animal more harm than good. The buffalo appears to tolerate oxpeckers while other species will not.”

Alan shot the image was taken with a Canon EOS 70D and Canon 100-400mm IS II USM lens at 100mm, using a manual exposure mode, 1/125sec at f/5.6, at ISO 1600.

2nd Place – Kevin Nash. Shot with Nikon D6 with  Nikon 500mm f/4 lens (Image credit: Kevin Nash)
3rd Place – Colin Bradshaw. Shot in Wiltshire, UK, with Nikon D850 and Nikon 300mm f/4E PF ED VR AF-S. (Image credit: Colin Bradshaw)

View all the winning images and find out more on the SINWP website.


Winning Photo by Marco Gualazzini
Somalia: the resilient Nation (life returns in aftermath Al- Shabaab) – 2017 1st place winner in “All About Photo Contest”

The reason to enter photo contests, besides the money, recognition, showing off your talent, and learning the right composition after all these years, IS you really have to concentrate on the photography you take, and study it out in your mind, how you can create a winning photo. So many people learn from entering a photo contest.

Now, if you win any of the prizes or recognition from winning, then that is just a bonus. There isn’t anyone who has entered a photo contest that didn’t come out of it with the thought: “I learned more taking these photos, than I would have ever imagined”.

4th Place winner in “All About Photo” awards —-Chad Cowan
United States
The Chase

We are approaching the end of the year, and here are some photo contests you can enter or think about right now:

Sony World Photography Awards

The Winners Of The Sony World Photography Contest

Sony World Photography Awards is the world’s leading photography competition. Held by the World Photography Organisation, in association with Sony, it is one of the most coveted competitions in the global photography space. It was started with the mission to support photographers worldwide so that photographers of all ages and abilities can celebrate and show their work and be a part of the global voice for photography. Entries for the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 are now open. The contest is divided into four competitions, listed below, with sub-divided categories that photographers can choose from, based on what suits them.

Professional Competition – Entry: Free. Ten diverse categories to enter, with a series of 5 to 10 images per category
Submission dates: January 14, 2022 at 13.00 GMT
Enter the Professional Competition 

Open Competition – Entry: Free. Ten diverse categories to enter, by submitting single images taken in 2021
Submission dates:  January 7, 2022, at 13.00 GMT
Enter the Open Competition 

Youth Competition – Entry: Free. Open to all 12-19 year-olds submitting single images taken in 2021
Monthly competitions with a changing theme running from 1 June to 31 December 2021
Enter the Youth Competition

Student Competition – Entry: Free. Open to 18 to 30 year-olds undertaking a full-time photography prgramme
Submission dates: 30 November 2021 at 13.00 GMT
Enter the Student Competition

For the Sony World Photography Awards, Pixpa has partnered with World Photography Organization to celebrate the best imagery and photographers from all over the world. 

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest

Open to young photojournalists ages 18-33, this photo contest from Russia honors the memory of Andrei Stenin, a photojournalist who died while on an assignment. This photo competition aims to be a platform through which talented photojournalists make a name for themselves. In 2019, the competition saw 6000 entries from 80 countries. 

The categories in this competition are Top News, Sport, My Planet, and Portrait. There are also yearly additions to the categories. 

Entry Fee: Free
700,000 rubles (equal to $12,383)
Submission Dates: December 22nd- February 29th

BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

The Big Picture 2021 - bioGraphic
The Big Picture 2021 – bioGraphic

The BigPicture photography competition aims to showcase the rich diversity of life on Earth with the hope that these images will be a channel of inspiration to protect the environment. Award-winning photographer Suzi Eszterhas is the Jury Chair of this competition. This photography competition calls for high-quality nature, wildlife, and conservation images from around the world. The winning shots will be exhibited at the California Academy of Sciences. 

The seven categories for the BigPicture Photography Competition are: 

  • Art of Nature 
  • Aquatic Life
  • Winged Life 
  • Landscapes, Waterscapes, and Flora
  • Terrestrial Wildlife
  • Human/Nature
  • Photo Story: Pushing the Limits

Entry Fee: $25 for up to 10 single images; $10 for one photo series.
$5,000 and $1000 cash will be awarded to the winners of the seven categories
Submission Dates: December 1st – March 1st

iPhone Photography Awards

iPhone Photography Awards
Jashim Salam – Bangladesh Grand Prize Winner. Shot on iPhone 7

Compete for the IPPA Photographer of the Year Award in 18 categories. Photographers must use an iPhone or an iPad. 

The categories for this iPad and iPhone photography contest are Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Children, Floral, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, News and Events, Panorama, People, Portrait, Series (3 images), Still Life, Sunset, Travel, Trees, Other.

Entry Fee: $3.50 for one image and there are no limits on the no. of images you submit. 
A Gold Bar from the most recognizable private gold mint in the world for the first prize winners in the 18 categories. 2nd and 3rd prize winners in the 18 categories will receive a palladium bar.
Submission Date: By March 31st

Sony World Photography Awards - New Catagories for 2020 - Professional  Photo Magazine
Sony award winning photo compliments of Professional Photo Magazine.

There are usually close to 50 to 100 photo contests going at any one time. Click through Google to find out which one you would like to enter.



Fine Art America billboard contest
You could have your photo on one of these giant billboards

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your art displayed large – for everyone to admire?

Then you’ll love Fine Art America’s new Billboard Contest, which will award a giant billboard display to 20 artists. Win the contest, and your eye-catching work will be featured on a 24-foot billboard in a major city, such as Chicago, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, accompanied by a title plus your name or social media handle. 

Here’s the type of stunning showcase winners can expect:

example billboard for photo contest

Each billboard will stay up for a month, giving viewers plenty of time to appreciate the winning art.

If you would like to find out more about this contest, then click on this link now:

Contest entries must be entered by August 31st, so time is limited.

After you’ve submitted your entries, you can encourage family, friends, and followers to vote for your art on Fine Art America’s website. All entries receiving 100 votes will then proceed to the next round, where contest judges will choose the top 20 pieces for billboard display.

Current Photography contests / March 2021

Winning photo from Nature Photography Contest

Photo Contests are a great way to work on your photographic skills. Imagine taking a photo that is a winning photo! The money, the prizes, whatever the reward, it puts you in a class of photographers that will be watched for a long time. And why do I bring up this idea of entering a photo contest? Because it is one thing that will make you use your absolute best skills to take a great photo. Perhaps, just trying will help you become a better photographer. Just the fact that you felt good enough to enter a contest, is worthy of the pride you get for doing so well.

Current photo contests you can still enter:
Monochrome Awards 2021 - logo
Deadline: July 4th, 2021…
  • Nikon Small World Photo Contest:
Nikon Small World Competition 2021 - logo
Photo Contest entry date : 30 April, 2021 Details:
Earth.Org Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition 2021 - logo
PX3 Prix de la Photographie 2021 - logo
Vienna International Photo Contest 2021 - logo
Anthology Magazine Photographer of the Year Contest 2021 - logo
Open to practitioners working at any level, the Anthology Magazine Photographer of the Year contest celebrates outstanding standalone images. It also provides a platform for photographers to showcase their work through publication. Images submitted must be on the theme of ‘Food’. Submissions will be judged on quality, creativity, originality, and visual/emotional impact. Photographers can submit as many entries as they wish.
It is not a requirement, but is advisable to refer to Anthology Magazine or purchase a copy before submitting your work, so that you can see the type of material we publish. Subscriptions and single copies are available to purchase through our online shop.
The winner will receive a €500 cash prize and editorial coverage in a future issue of Anthology Magazine.
The winner will also receive a one year subscription to Anthology Magazine.
Global Photo Awards 2021 - logo
Our mission is to create an opportunity for everyone loving photography to receive recognition for their work. We strive to award and show the best photos worldwide.
We invite everyone to upload photos in each of the categories People and Nature : Deadline April 4th. Go to:
Energy SELF Portraits 2021 - logo
Gather your family, your friends, your colleagues, your school-mates as well as the electrical appliances of your everyday life.
Take a photograph of yourselves and your appliances and tell us your story.
Energy SELF Portraits collects photographs and stories related to the theme of ENERGY, the 7th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG7) to “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems for all”, and award prizes to the most beautiful and intriguing ones.
Photography is a means to narrate the challenge of access to sustainable and modern energy seen from the point of view of end consumers. The Energy SELF Portraits strives to investigate and record the infinite contexts and implications connected to the SDG7.
The collection of Energy SELF Portraits will focus on different SDG7 dimensions such as energy access, its costs and options, its quality, its environmental implications as well as how energy efficiency and renewable energy may offer solutions to the SDG7 challenge. The nexus with other SDGs will be given particular evidence in the collection and in the narrative within the Project. The Project offers the opportunity to collect stories where energy access plays a crucial role in a number of SDG challenges, such as poverty and hunger (SDG 1 and 2), health (SDG3), education (SDG4), gender equality (SDG5), access to safe water (SDG6), decent work and productivity (SDG8 and 9), equal opportunities (SDG10), sustainable cities and communities (SDG11), responsible consumption and production (SDG12) and climate change (SDG13).
Energy SELF Portraits put the North and the South of the world together around common challenges assuring affordable energy access while protecting the environment from climate change. Deadline: April 21, 2021 . Go to:
European Treasures of Nature 2021 - logo
Nature photographers watch out: In the 28th year EuroNatur has organised this international nature photo competition in conjunction with the magazine “natur”, the photo shop “Lichtblick” in Constance and GELSENWASSER AG.
A specialist jury will award prizes to the most striking images. The winning photos will be published in the large-format EuroNatur wall calendar and will be awarded with money prizes. Besides that they will be published in the EuroNatur magazine, in the magazine “natur” as well as on the websites of the organisers. Deadline: March 31st, 2021. Go To:
Vincent van Gogh Photo Award 2021 - logo
Deadline: March 31st, 2021, Let the theme ‘PURE’ inspire you in a contemporary way. Think out of the box, just like Vincent used to do. Surprise everyone! Let the camera be your paint brush and participate in this contest!
Pure is unmistakable for the work of Vincent van Gogh and was partly chosen as the theme for this 3rd. Vincent van Gogh Photo Award edition. An inspiring theme with many creative possibilities and freedom, and certainly something that plays in the present time.
– Is water still pure?
– Our food?
– Nature?
– Are people still pure and who and what are they, especially in this age of social media?
– Can we still be pure?
We are looking for these topics.
The possibilities are endless!! Be inspired by our theme, with your images!
There is no need to refer to-, or incorporate Vincent van Gogh or Nuenen in the photo(s).
The title of this event is a tribute to Vincent.
He recorded with a brush, what he saw and experienced.
You can do this through the lens of the camera, because maybe your picture hangs in the living and working world of Vincent in his period in Nuenen!
Let your inspiration as a photographer take its course. Go To:
Unlike Portrait Awards 2021 - logo
You are unlike me and that makes you perfect. The Unlike Portrait Awards is a international photo contest celebrating our diversity, human life and love of portrait photography. We stimulate, inspire and recognize talent from all over the world. Portrait photographers are often creative but the bills have to be paid at the end of the month. In addition to an award for talented photographers, we support the participants with various marketing tools. Deadline: November 30, 2021 – Go To:
Landscape Photographer of the Year 2021 - logo
Landscape Photographer of the Year was founded in 2006 by Charlie Waite, one of today’s most respected landscape photographers.
With a total prize fund worth over £20,000, a full colour book of best entries and a popular annual exhibition in Central London, Landscape Photographer of the Year celebrates all that is great about the British landscape and showcases the work of many talented photographers, inspiring visitors to experience the joys of the British landscape first hand. Britain’s heritage is celebrated by people around the world and entries are welcome from everyone, whether resident in Britain or simply visiting. Deadline: April 14, 2021 — Go To:

Try this one thing, and watch your skills change.

Award-winning nature photos that will transport you to great outdoors
Photo contest winner for the Guardian magazine. Photo by Jens Cullmann