Still Life Photography is good practice because it helps you to “see” your photography as an art. Continue reading THE ART OF “STILL LIFE” PHOTOGRAPHY:

Samsung intros new Z fold 4 and Flip 4 phones.

Samsung, the reigning champ of folding phones introduces series 4: Samsung’s riding high as the reigning folding phone champ – no other foldable smartphone maker can come close when it comes to sales or global availability, and the launch of the 2022 Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 proves just how far ahead of the pack Samsung is. Samsung, the tech giant, just … Continue reading Samsung intros new Z fold 4 and Flip 4 phones.

crop faceless woman taking photo of scenic autumn park


I have mentioned before that cell phones have improved so much, that you can get great photos from your cell phone. In fact, here is a photo I just recently took with my cell phone, just because I didn’t have my DSLR camera with me: I also found a very happy person that talks about taking great photos with your cell phone. I hope you … Continue reading GETTING GREAT PHOTOS WITH YOUR CELL PHONE:

people walking on the sidewalk near the storefront


Street Photography is something everybody can love: Is “Street Photography” an art? Yes, it is! And people who do street photography are skilled photographers, if they know what people want. The things that people want to see in street photography is: The people and what they are doing What do the stores and the parks look like? What happens if I take pictures of people … Continue reading STREET PHOTOGRAPHY