PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: ST. Patrick’s Day and Ireland

When I realized that Photos of the Week would fall on St. Patrick’s Day, I was really excited. Years ago, I did PHOTOS OF THE WEEK on Ireland, but, that was years ago. I have so many wonderful resources for amazing photos now, it is only fitting that I do it again, with all newContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: ST. Patrick’s Day and Ireland”


I hope, with this subject, that I can present to all of you some of the pitfalls people are falling in to, even in photography. If you want to see how volatile social media can get, just take a look at the political scene with social media. I am not even going there. But, IContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHY AND SOCIAL MEDIA:”

Understanding perspective and why it’s important:

Perspective in photography is very important, especially in taking photos of landscapes, and sometimes close-ups. The idea with perspective is to put something in the photo that will help the viewer get a better idea of how big the landscape is, or how far something really is from the camera. In the photo above, theContinue reading “Understanding perspective and why it’s important:”