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NIKON CAMERAS: Their History, and their Cameras Today:

Nikon cameras is obviously one of the big names in the camera industry. It has covered a lot of people’s desires, because they make a camera model that covers every type of photographer, and including the Professional Photographer. The type of equipment they make for every type of photographer is also very well built, andContinue reading “NIKON CAMERAS: Their History, and their Cameras Today:”


Your assignment: What kind of picture would you take to create the feeling or mood of “HAPPY”? It’s not just a bunch of people laughing, and smiling big, there is quite a variety of things that portray happy. Let’s include these in the “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK”. As you can see, “happy” is created byContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Photos of “HAPPY””

We are entering the perfect season for photographers!

There are so many exciting things that you will soon be able to take photos of. For example: Those in the Northern Hemisphere will soon have “Autumn” It’s also harvest time: I love taking close-up photos this time of year: And finally: the weather alone is something interesting to take pictures of: I just wantedContinue reading “We are entering the perfect season for photographers!”

How to take photos of “Something you fear”

From the author of the photo above: “We all have fears. Darkness, death, automatic flushing. These fears make up who we are. We should embrace them. Face them head on. Don’t let them define you.“ This quote is so true, and as I thought about what fears we all have…. taking photos of your fearsContinue reading “How to take photos of “Something you fear””