I am quite interested in how the camera manufactures are treating the ISO setting on your cameras. If you keep up with the technology of the changes to cameras, you will notice that one thing that the camera manufactures are doing, is to make the photo look better, sharper than ever with the higher ISOContinue reading “THE “ISO” OF THE NEW DIGITAL WORLD:”

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Pictorial of Edinburgh, Scotland

I was looking around for my “Photos of the Week” and was thinking of posting photos of castles, and those type of historical buildings, when someone showed me photos of Edinburgh. Oh my gosh, the whole town is made of Castles. This is a very picturesque place to be, and looking at the photos, I’mContinue reading “PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: Pictorial of Edinburgh, Scotland”

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!

I have gone to do some photography of flowers, and close-ups, and after a while, my back has had it! I realize that I need to find ways to better take care of my body while taking photographs. This timely information from Sunny Shrestha is great advice. Watch this: Being a photographer really seems funContinue reading “PHOTOGRAPHERS: Take care of your body!”